June 19, 2014

Current List of Apps

  1. Office 2013 Suite: Mainly excel, word, outlook and lync
  2. Toad 12.5 DBA Suite: For Oracle DB administration
  3. Notepad++: The only text editor I love. I have configured it to use multimarkdown
  4. Cygwin: better than Microsoft terminal (cmd), it is configured with rlwrap to enable history/bash like auto-completion in sqlplus 
  5. Chrome: the only web browser you need
    1. LastPass
    2. Google Input Tools
    3. Adblock
    4. Hola
    5. Pushbullet
    6. Readability
  6. Github: for code versioning
  7. Evernote: for note taking.. Previously used OneNote but then moved on. 
  8. WriteMonkey: for zenware writing
  9. Dropbox: everyone knows. 
  10. Others -Teracopy, 7-Zip, PDF Creator, AutoHotKey
Web Apps
  1. Asana