February 05, 2012

World Wetlands Conservation Day (Feb 02)

First of all those who don't know about Wetlands, I would like to quote its formal definition.

"Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil, or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year, including during the growing season. Water saturation largely determines how the soil develops and the types of plant and animal communities living in and on the soil. Wetlands may support both aquatic and terrestrial species. The prolonged presence of water creates conditions that favor the growth of specially adapted plants and promote the development of characteristic wetlands soils."
-- EPA, America's Wetlands: Our Vital Link Between Land and Water

To celebrate and to share awareness about the conservation of Wetlands, The Nature Volunteers group (TNV) organized a photo walk and bird watching camp at Sirpur Tank (is also a Wetland).  It is  important to save various species of plants, birds, mammals who survives just because of the condition provided by wetlands. Also it helps in maintaining our ground water levels and helps human population to survive.

Sirpur Tank, Indore

Currently most of the wetlands are in danger due to various reasons -
a)  Land acquisition for real estate purpose & other monetary benefits,
b) Changing environmental condition,
c) Industrial pollution,
d) Use of plastics, polythene etc.

Each wetland is a home for variety of species and they are sometimes found only in that particular region. So think of loosing hundreds of species from Nature if you loose one of them. Its a very important channel to connect land and water. You can read more information here - http://www.defenders.org/wildlife_and_habitat/habitat/wetlands.php and http://www.wetlands.org/Default.aspx and take steps to protect the wetland near you.

Some birding spots near Indore area (List by Shariq Khan)

Lakes and Wetlands
1. Sirpur Lake, Dhar Road, Indore
2. Kishanpura Lake, Dhar Road, Indore
3. Yeshwant Sagar, Depalpur Road, Indore
4. Bilawali Tank, Khandwa Road, Indore
5. Pipliyapala Regional Park, Erstwhile AB Road Indore
6. Khatipiplya Village Pond and Buranakhedi Village Pond , Kanadia Road  Indore

Forest Plantations and Open land
1. Ralamandal Sanctuary, Near Rau-Dewas Bypass Road
2. Tincha Village and Forest Plantations, Near Simrol, Khandwa Road
3.  Telyakhedi Forest Plantations, Near Kampel
4.  Shivni and Banjari Forest Plantations, Near Double-Chauki, Nemawar Road
5.  Kajligadh Forest Plantations, Near Simrol, Khandwa Road
6.  Residency Garden and Indore Zoo
7.  Pitra Parvat, Indore Depalpur Road

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