December 19, 2011

Spokn Internet Telephony Review

Past one week I have been testing the spokn paid service to call International numbers. It is a VOIP telephony service of one of its kind started from India, similar to Skype but way cheaper than it. I am bit disappointed with the quality of call, it is not clear and latency is high. They have application on most of the platforms but not on Android which is unusual though they say it works with any SIP client (I have not been successful anyway).

Note the bug - do not enable call logging or diagnostics (Help -> Diagnostics -> Logs), it will eventually hung the application during the call and you might end up debiting from your account with no reason. I have experienced this on Window 7 32-bit, on the same machine where Skype runs beautifully.

Why would I use it?

  1. For cheap international calls, no hidden fees like skype. 
  2. Availability on most of the platforms except Android which could be major disappointment for Android fans but it is also tested to work on iPod. 
  3. Lot of other features, one can call to their local land line numbers if there is no computer. 
Why wouldn't? 
  1. Haven't got the quality like Skype
  2. Some bug (tested on Windows) hung the application and you are billed.
  3. No mute for microphone. This is very important if you are calling from noisy environment.
  4. Not on Android

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