December 24, 2011

Saleel Tambe - Wildlife Photography

Yesterday, I attended a seminar "Keyword approach to Wildlife Photography" by Mr. Saleel Tambe who is a famous wildlife photographer, authored various books and had experience of more than 15 years. You can read more about him on his website. The seminar was more of a philosophical aspect of photography. He shared his experience and secrets which is not only specific to nature photography but as for all aspects of it.

The principles he follow is
OMG : C3
O = Observation
Seeking patterns, observing habits of the subject, knowing more about the subject and keen observation of anything around the subject with patience.

M = Moment and the tiMing
Wait for the moment that add more value to the photograph. Sometimes we just take the photographs which are not dynamic and doesn't show the USP of the subject.

G = Gears and Gadgets (Right gear, not only about camera or lens)
Not only about the camera's, lens etc but other available stuff which can enhance your shot, those stuff which can be helpful on fields to get more closer to subject.

C(1) = Conservation and Ethics
The most important aspect of nature photography is not to disturb the nature around us but the overall goal of photography should help in the conservation of it.

C(2) = Creative Vision
For eg. Instead of just clicking static pictures which doesn't add anything to the picture, try to capture motion , dynamism around the subject which others can't see.

C(3) = Craziness / Composition (i.e. breaking the rules, out-of-the-box thinking)
First follow the rules and then break it.

I like the quote from him - "Your camera should see that thing which our naked eyes can't see."

Thanks to him for being the guiding star & to Indore photography club for arranging this.


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