June 27, 2011

Sensing Heart Beat Rate Through Phone

Yesterday,  when I was browsing in health and fitness section of Android Marketplace I found an application which captures your heart beat rate (HBR) through phone without the use of any external hardware requirement. I find this solution amazing as most of the hardware like ECG and electronic monitors are costly and it is nice to have one more feature in your phone for free. Instant Heart Rate is one such application which captures HBR through the touch of index finger on the camera phone. I was simply amazed by the technology involved and due to its simplicity I was in doubt that it doesn't work for everyone and for all age groups. So as a basic test I tried on few set of people with various age group. It takes 10 second to measure HBR <3. It was almost accurate and it works best with flash (or heat generated by it).

I was also curious to know the science behind how it works!! So in few searches I found this whitepaper at IEEE which talks about the measurement of HBR through optical sensing of blood flow through the index finger. I found it very useful for lots of people especially with cardiac problems so that they can monitor themselves without much expenses and efforts.

Really great to see the smart phones getting more smarter and this is how future computing devices should work.

Wish - I want to see smart phones perceiving/releasing odors also and that I can share it on Facebook or Twitter with my friends.