March 22, 2011

Google Voice in India, finally

India has waited long for Google Voice to get enabled for Indian continent. After its second birthday there are signs of testing being carried for selected accounts in India. From last two weeks, some accounts in India can see 'call phone' bot added to their Google talk list.

Using Google Voice, you will be able to dial to US/Canada for free. You can also add credits in multiples of $10 and then you can call to other part of world in nominal rates. I tried a US number and it was working :-). But why don't they offer similar free calls within India?

Though this service is not officially deployed by Google so sometimes this bot disappears sporadically and comes again (may be because of some kind of testing being done).

Overall it is a good news for many Indians whose friends and family are living in US. Enjoy!

Update: Since few days, I am unable to see the Google Voice bot in my contact list. Not sure what Google is doing with it.

March 19, 2011

Random Password Generator - The easiest one

After a long time, I had my hands on Java and came up with a random password generator. This simple tool gives you ability to generate complex password between 5 to 10 character long. Just by scrolling the mouse, you can generate hundreds of password and copy to system clipboard. Try it and let me know your thoughts.

Download (Zip, 150kb)

March 13, 2011

What is beneath

I was going through Matt (founder of Automattic - the company behind blog, and found some interesting facts on the infrastructure specification of It is actually quite amazing figure
We'are having 8,921 CPU cores across 2,475 physical processors, 8,200 gigabytes of memory (RAM). We’ve changed how we’ve done storage, but now that layer includes on its own 1.3 terabytes of RAM, 1.3 petabytes of storage, and 8.9 terabytes of solid state disks. (Plus Amazon S3, which we use as backup to our internal systems.) - Matt said.

That's crazy for running one site but still they are getting DDoS attacks and site is facing issues serving the requests. So what is the next to keep such site running and keeping uptime close to 100%? Can that be catered through cloud computing?

On the similar lines - I recommend to you, they write about highly scalable architectures and system around the world.