January 27, 2011

Bangalore (24-30 Jan)

First of all, Happy Republic Day to every Indian out there. I am currently busy in Bangalore - the silicon valley of India. Came here for the first time & staying at Whitefields. City looks much more advanced, clean & disciplined than other cities I have seen. Though I didn't had chance to explore in detail, hence observation might be skewed. Hopefully, I will be active from next month.

P.S. - Just saw an update on  Poorvi's blog that she has been selected as surprise winner for IndiBloggers' Akshay Patra contest. Congratulations to her. Also met my best friends - Akshat & Piyush today and had a good holiday.

January 03, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Everyone busy writing their new year resolutions for 2011 and I am not different. Few people don't write because they never keep themselves aligned with what they thought. But still I prefer writing it down so that I can see again and again and keep a mind on it.

Health & Happiness
  1. 30-60 minutes of walking everyday in a park 
  2. Wake up before 8am everyday except the day you sleep after 3am. 
  3. Take meals in reducing quantity that is maximum in morning and minimum in night.
  4. Meet friends every fortnight.
  1. Get Oracle certifications
  2. Don't overwork, take more time for other activities
  3. Dedicate 20% of your time on innovating something new and writing papers
  1. Give dedicated time for photography every weekend
  2. Join photography club  and attend meet ups
  3. Invest in equipments seriously
  4. Increase number of posts on this blog
  1. Search and enroll for the right master program
That's it for my resolutions, adding more will not make it SMART so just want to keep them attainable.

Happy New Year!