December 05, 2010

Ban on Wikileaks: Death of Openness and Transparency

Wikileaks which doesn't need an introduction which has disturbed the sleep of big brother and various other governments whose confidential documents are published by this non-profit organization. This has already boiled up government who want to hide their wrong acts. Recently Wikileaks was forced to be removed from their web host, Amazon, DNS service provider, EasyDNS  EveryDNS [Corrected after EasyDNS send notification and updateand the payment gateway Paypal after getting pressure from US govt. Now it is fighting for its survival.

The whole act led to very important questions i.e. Will the Internet remain free, open and transparent platform? Can any government blocks our freedom of expressions? Don't we owe the right to express a truth against the powerful? Can services like Amazon or Paypal differentiate their clients due to external pressure?

Govt has a responsibility to stop those who are against country, or who creates potential threat on the basis of  religion, caste, color or sex. But who will take care of governments, Media?  Yeah they should be. It's their duty and this is what I think Wikileaks is doing.

Not sure, for how much time Wikileaks will survive, but it has raised a question against a closed system which should be forwarded and democratically solved.

It would be nice to hear your comments. Please share your thoughts on this.

  1. Correction: It was EveryDNS (and not EasyDNS) service which was involved in Wikileaks case, thanks Mark.
  2. Twitter might also take down Wikileaks account but not yet confirmed, reported Techcrunch.