November 13, 2010

Latency Issues while Browsing - Resolution

Everyone loves speed and when browsing if page takes lot of time to respond, getting irritated is natural. Today after browsing for more than 13 hours continuously I see suddenly that my ping to the server was taking long time and it was quite variable.  There is one fact that many of us doesn't know that response time from any website is very critical factor in measuring speed & not always the bandwidth is the prime factor.

Following are some troubleshooting steps you can try out -

Ping to your IP gateway - Check for the response time from the server. If it is fluctuating & taking upto 1 or 2 seconds then there can be issues with routers, your network card or even with the gateway itself.

Flush the DNS & renew your IP settings - As shown below, use ipconfig /flushdns command to clear the DNS cache. If the problem persist, restart your network adapter or router (Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center > Network Connections) by disabling & enabling the device.

If the response time to Gateway looks okay then try to use services like to see the response time to server or try ping -t .  You should look for consistent response time to conclude the problem is no more. 

DNS Tweaking
Another service which can improve your DNS query performance is openDNS which was discussed earlier. More details on opendns here.   

Other Sensible Options You Can Try!
  • Use ad blocker plugins like adThwart in the browser to stop loading unwanted, byte crunching data & animations.
  • Use of caching softwares like squid speed up your browsing capacity by efficiently using bandwidth. 
  • Cleaning your browser history. Recommended : Store only 1 day of history in your browser. 
  • Stop using Google toolbars or similar toolbars which consumes bandwidth in background. 
  • Apply the latest updates provided by software vendors.

If nothing work out, call your ISP to check modem settings and other network equipment settings.