July 23, 2010

Search Books Faster (in India)

Animesh Jain, an entrepreneur and avid programmer who has already running a cool photo shop itasveer.com has introduced a search engine which is aggregating result from various online book sellers.
Currently he is targeting four book stores viz. Flipkart, Infibeam, Pustak and IndiaPlaza. I like his idea because of following reasons -
1. Minimalist UI - just like how Google started out on. One logo, text field and Hit! button. so eye-pleasing.
2. Concurrent & Independent Search - even if one of the vendor is unable to provide result in the given time, it will gracefully hide the result.
3. Speed -  I tested out the speed for few books and result were satisfactory for current scale. It needs to be validated at higher scale.
4. Best Deal - It also show the best deal in the result to quickly find out the eye-candy.

As per my discussion with him, he is planning to roll out some UI changes this weekend. And also his next target is to include other vendors increasing more options for consumer. I hope this is the unique application available in this category especially when we see Indian market.

Update: 13/11/2010 - UI has been changed. Read Here.

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