July 23, 2010

Search Books Faster (in India)

Animesh Jain, an entrepreneur and avid programmer who has already running a cool photo shop itasveer.com has introduced a search engine which is aggregating result from various online book sellers.
Currently he is targeting four book stores viz. Flipkart, Infibeam, Pustak and IndiaPlaza. I like his idea because of following reasons -
1. Minimalist UI - just like how Google started out on. One logo, text field and Hit! button. so eye-pleasing.
2. Concurrent & Independent Search - even if one of the vendor is unable to provide result in the given time, it will gracefully hide the result.
3. Speed -  I tested out the speed for few books and result were satisfactory for current scale. It needs to be validated at higher scale.
4. Best Deal - It also show the best deal in the result to quickly find out the eye-candy.

As per my discussion with him, he is planning to roll out some UI changes this weekend. And also his next target is to include other vendors increasing more options for consumer. I hope this is the unique application available in this category especially when we see Indian market.

Update: 13/11/2010 - UI has been changed. Read Here.

July 14, 2010

sine wave of recession

From the above graph it is very much clear that all companies follow the same pattern if analyzed for longer durations (here I have taken 5 yrs in account). If you see during late 2007 the recession was first observed when it started hitting grounds and then in 2008  Q4, everything was looking unstable during that time however Accenture and IBM were able to handle the dip and remained sound at less margins.
This was the time when I started my career. I saw some tricky game plays by HR when they changed their policies to withstand market condition. Since then there is a growth trend which indicates better job opportunities, more projects and no waste of time simply.

Overall perspective to last 5y market of these companies suggest that the amplitude of Indian MNCs are higher during the sine wave of recession while the global MNC were able to keep it low.

P.S. - This is my personal perspective to market trend and it doesn't show any relationship with any company discussed here.