June 13, 2010

Docky - Ubuntu Desktop Tweak

Whenever I see Mac desktop I praise the application dock area at the bottom. It looks so appealing in 3-D theme and so easy which removes clutter from the bottom panel which is generally used to park currently opened applications.  Yesterday I found similar application for Ubuntu which is absolutely similar to that of Mac.

It is designed with pluggable architecture. so all applications give control in dock itself. Like here in the screenshot, Rhythm Box is displaying the song title, time remaining etc. This is very handy and pleasing.   So here it goes with a click, and tweak your Desktop.

Was just finishing it off but a tremor in Chennai paused me for few minutes. There is a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Nicobar Island at 1:00 am 13th June 2010 IST.

Update  - Docky doesn't work when compositing is off
This problem may occur when your aesthetic effects are off. To get docky work perfectly, please enable the visual effects to Extra. You can find this option in System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects (tab).

Download link - Launchpad