June 25, 2009

[Windows Tip] Create virtual drives for any path or directory

Here is a tip which I explored today during my experiments with command prompt. You can create or say map a virtual drive to any directory in Windows Vista. Suppose you may want to create a short mapping for a long path such as D:\Users\s\game\dir1
C:\> SUBST Z: D:\Users\s\game\dir1
C:\> Z:
Z:\> "This is pointing to the above directory"
To remove the mapping, use the following option -
c:\> SUBST Z: /D
This is like mount points in linux/unix which are basically pointers.

June 11, 2009

[Windows Tip] Quick launch shortcut keys

Today, I discovered that on Windows Vista/7 you can select an application in quick launch bar by using the combination of Window key plus number. Suppose for the first icon (here command prompt), you can do Win key + 1, for next Win+2 and so on. This shortcut is very helpful and productive on netbooks and laptops which are compact in terms of ergonomics.
I have not checked it on XP machine whether it is working there or not. Please comment your experience on XP for the same command.
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