April 21, 2009

Oracle + Sun = Sheer RAW Power

Oracle to Buy Sun
Surprise, the biggest enterprise software maker Oracle corp. is acquiring Sun Microsystem Inc. for approx. $7.4B after the failure of IBM-Sun deal. Now the #1 Relational Database giant will be not just more powerful by taking extremely widespread product ranges like Java/MySQL/SPARC Hardware Platform/Solaris but also it is going to be biggest in hardware market, database market and in enterprise software.
Microsoft's CEO Balmer is also shocked by this deal because currently they holds first position as enterprise software vendor, now their competitor is just get more power and force.

Other big impact will be in RDBMS market - already being number one will also have MySQL (choice of Web) as addin by getting Sun. Both database has its own features for which they stand up separate. Overall capability is now increase which will allow Oracle to fight it's top competitors - IBM's DB2, Sybase and MS SQL Server.
In hardware market, Oracle already has allied with Hewlett Packard and Dell to deliver computing platform to handle end-to-end data processing solutions. Now with Sun, and their Sparc architecture they will fullfill their wish to own hardware platform.
As an Oracle DBA, the following looks interesting to me -
The Sun Solaris operating system is the leading platform for the Oracle database, Oracle’s largest business, and has been for a long time. With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle can optimize the Oracle database for some of the unique, high-end features of Solaris. Oracle is as committed as ever to Linux and other open platforms and will continue to support and enhance our strong industry partnerships.
So we can expect a better and tightly integrated with Solaris release of Oracle database soon. :)
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