April 11, 2009

Foil thin speakers becomes a reality

A team of engineers in University of Warwick UK have designed a foil-thin speakers (~0.25mm thick) and that too with better sound quality than traditional ones. It is flat, flexible and can be hung/sticked on any surfaces.

The most important thing is they are inexpensive to produce and very good for public spaces where it is an extreme requirement of crisp and clear audio.it is ideal for public spaces where it delivers planar directional sound waves, which project further than sound from conventional speakers.

This technology will help designers to workup on new designs of the surface as now they don't need to bother about the space required for sound output. Say in case of Laptop we have almost 1"x6" reserved for speaker panel, which can be put into the laptop surface itself with more aesthetic element in designs. more at BBC Tech.