April 11, 2009

Check your Blog loading time

It is irritating sometimes where your blog takes long time to load. This can adversely affect your readers because they get annoyed and they want to see without wait. Such people jump from one point in cyberspace to another very frequently if the response of the page they are visiting is slow.

Therefore this metric is quite important for bloggers so that they can optimize their blogs. One such good online tool is Stopwatch. It is a good habit to test your own blog against loading time and redesign accordingly.

Some usual tips to reduce load time -
1. Reduce the number of images on the home.
2. Do not use images at full resolution - you may reduce to thumbnails if required.
3. Upload the images to your local web folder, don't rely on third party hosts.
4. Use CSS at the top of web page
5. Limit the number of posts to few on homepage say not more than 10.
6. Remove unncessary third party javascripts.