March 20, 2009

Undo Send feature in GMail - Kewl

GMail is back again with one new feature in its lab version after the reported outage that we have seen some days back when some of the users of gmail were not able to login.

Anyways,leaving apart they have introduced a very useful feature in mail service that you can actually hold your mail after sending for few seconds. Suppose you have missed out something in your mail and just after clicking the send button, you discovered, it will be a regret. Why didn't they had Undo feature yet?
Yes, They have introduced it now and its a unique feature. It will not exactly recall your message but it will hold your mail temporarily for 5 sec just after sending (though it is too less, but higher will be more frustrating), so that you can undo the request.

My Suggestion to GMail would be that this time should not be fixed to five seconds, a user must be able to set this according to her ease.