February 01, 2009

Six months without Internet!

This blog is currently inactive because of limited availability of blogger, internet and time.(Aug'08 - Feb'08)

Why I am not paying attention to my blog since 180 Days? 
On August 01, 2008 I left my home to join my job in Chennai. Since then I am busy with my office work and not yet completely settled. It has been six months, I am having very limited access to Internet. As most of the sites are blocked in the office, it is very difficult to communicate with outside world. Your social and professional network is ruined just because you are not inside the box for so many days.

What I did in past six months?
I am working on Oracle technologies and UNIX.  I spent my most of the time on Oracle Administration and it's related products. It is really interesting to know how it works specially when its' purely technical stuff, the food for geeks!
 Apart from technical stuff, I am enjoying traveling around Chennai. I visited Mysore, Ooty, Pondicherry  and some places in Chennai in past few weeks. Going to beach is a weekly activity now.

My future plans for this blog - 
Firstly, To make this blog more professional, I would like to purchase a domain name and web space  to move this blog to a wordpress platform. Another reason for the upgrade is - most of the sites hosted on blogger & wordpress are blocked in office networks by firewall.
Secondly, I want to focus on some areas instead of writing personal stuffs and other non-aligned artifacts. A possible idea running in my mind is to divide it into three streams viz Programming /Linux/Unix, Oracle, and Digital Life (Stuff that is useful in day to day operations).

As soon as I get some free time, I will work on the above tasks. I would like to hear your ideas about my blog and what thing you would like to read. Please share your valuable tips and ideas in comments.

Thanks for patience,

Anjul Sahu