April 27, 2008

Google Movies in India

Google had launched movies in India too...Goto www.google.co.in/movies and search the show times and movies in all the major theatres in the city. Search result is very useful in planning out the outing. I have used it three times and its been really worthy to use this utility. Now you don't need to pick the newspapers for finding the details.

April 15, 2008

Orkut on Mobile

My exams are over now and now I'm back to my blog.
The biggest gift by Google to us in this week is Orkut's mobile version. It was a silent launch and few bloggers discovered this interesting and awaited version. One can access Orkut via http://m.orkut.com/. It is a nice step for those who are addicted of checking scraps frequently. Very simple Interface with minimum options which saves bandwidth. Cheers!! Thanks to Rahul.

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