July 08, 2008

Where is a Book Library here? Try Burrp or Laila or JustDial!!

If you are standing on a City Square and want to know where is the nearest CCD or where is the Salon nearby.  Puzzled! There is no need to search a yellow pages directory for such daily life questions. Ask Laila or Burrp, yeah these are some of the local city specific search services. You can reach to site either by Web or my sending a query through SMS. 
Such services are very useful in finding solutions of day to day life queries such as finding a grocery shop in the locality or to search a laundry service. Even they can hint you about the pricing of a restaurant, so that you can decide before moving.  
There are few services which I think are worth to be used in India.
  1. Ask Laila - Available in metro cities of India, Here you can easily find events, restaurants, lifestyle services, shopping deals etc. On mobile, just SMS your query to 58969. Eg: SMS spa, south ext to the above no. You will get the result quickly.  Or access laila using WAP m.asklaila.com 
  2. Burrp - burrp! local is available in more cities than asklaila, It covers Pune, Ahemdabad too. Two things I like about burrp are first its unique  TV Guide and second, lots of reviews of local businesses. So there is a good chance that the returned search result is according to the customer feedback. 
  3. JustDial.com - A very popular local search engine which can be even accessed by a landline. 
  4. Zook.in - Zook is an online mobile search community. It works by community feedback mechanism. Zook on SMS:  to 57575665
  5. local.google.co.in  - Good search engine for web but its not up to the mark for very local search as compared to what above sites can search. But it is good for local businesses. 
  6. in.local.yahoo.com - A local search engine by Yahoo!
  7. ilaka.in - local search in major cities of India and have a directory kind of listing along with locality specific search. The good thing about this site I liked is an embedded MAP with the search result which is useful for locating the address. 
  8. Myquest.in - Best for Delhi-NCR region. Very detailed with lots of widgets. Nice!
So I hope you will now never get troubled anywhere. And I suggest you to submit entries on the above site if it is not available there. Be a responsible community member.