July 07, 2008


I purchased Sony VAIO for its class and reliability but now I am realizing it was a wrong decision. My laptop is having a series of problem since I brought. The biggest of them is in the LCD. It is showing a white line at a margin of 1 cm from top [shown in picture, click to enlarge]. And sometimes it also flickers. Which is absolutely ridiculous thing from a Brand like SONY.
Past few problems with VAIO [Model : FE-VGN48G/H]:
  1. Sometimes mute button, volume control button doesn't work properly.
  2. Slow on Vista as compared to the same configuration of other brands.
  3. Harddisk stops working sometimes and lappy hangs on.
  4. Battery life is around 70 minutes max. which is too less according to the Sony VAIO specification sheet.

I use my Lappy for around 7-8 hours daily. And till date I never gave a jerk or drop, so I am pretty sure that It's a electronics problem. I recommend don't buy a VAIO ever.

Help me out!! Suggest a solution to get rid out of this.

After writing an Email to Sony VAIO Support team about this problem, They suggested few steps to do:

  1. Update your BIOS Firmware to the latest version.
  2. Update your Graphic Card Driver [NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600].
  3. Restart your PC and Check whether problem is solved.
  4. If problem persist after following above steps, try Safe Mode.
  5. Still in trouble, Go to Sony Service Centre with Warranty Documents. 
So now I tried all of these steps, but that line is still there on my LCD. Huh? Very Annoying. :-(