July 18, 2008

New SMSGupShup Looks Better And More Powerful

SMSGupShup.com, One of the most popular Mobile SMS group service in India got updated. Now with various features like better streamlined interface, option of owing more than one groups, control panel for maintaining subscription are some newly added features that makes it better than other services. And another very important thing about this service is Reliability. With millions of users accessing its service, they served them almost in real time, not like Twitter (No Downtime) . There are more than 3 lakhs publishers using its platform and expanding the usage.

How it is helping small businesses in marketing?
Small Businesses which deals with large number of consumers are using SMSGupShup successfully. They use this service to broadcast their deals, schemes, updates etc and lowers down their cost of communication.
Taking an example of Chain-based company, before using this service they usually send schemes updates of their product to all the customer spread widely in the country by regular post which cost around 5 bucks for each customer. Now they are using SMS based group, by using which they not only saves 5 bucks per customer but also updated everyone within few minutes. So it is actually making a business grow by cutting cost.
Few Suggestions for this Service on the basic of my experience with it

  1. Filter SMS with vulgar words, slang etc or introduce a way out to avoid such SMS to every group member by conforming his/her approval.
  2. Devise a mechanism to send user created pic unlike your own pre-cooked gallery.
  3. Connect it with major social networks like Orkut, Facebook etc and expand your connectivity with others IMs like Yahoo.