June 15, 2008

Protect your Pen Drive from being affected by Malicious Viruses

Sometimes our computers in a public lab creates a havoc when you insert your flash drive in USB port. The host computer which is most of the time affected by lots of viruses, worms etc senses the drive and starts attacking before you can move your mouse. Sometimes your data is lost or corrupted, And you give a damn to that PC.

We can do the same thing intelligently :-) So What you need to do for safeguarding your data on flash drive?

The answer to this very important question can be: Before plugging the drive, disable the writing mechanism first so that no program can change the bits on the drive.

How to disable the writing mechanism?

Step 1: Open the Registry editor. you can do the same by "regedit" command on Run or command prompt.

Step 2: Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies\WriteProtect

Step 3: Flip the bit to Enable Read-Only mode

Note: Make sure you undone the changes in registry after your work.

Though this method is not checked up to forensic level but it works at least logically.

If you're not a geek and no idea of registry editing and have a fear of doing the above things wrong, Don't worry we have a small application, Thumbscrew which do the same thing by a simple toggle switch.

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How to track someone's gtalk status updates

I was searching a way through which I can track the updates of gtalk status of a person who is not in my friend list. Here is the way, But firstly you must need Google/gtalk ID of your friend.

Step 1: Login to FriendFeed, and Navigate to "Friend's Setting" on the right side up on the home page.
Step 2: Add an Imaginary friend (you will find this option through a navigation tab in the menu).
Step 3: Select gtalk icon to get its status feed

Now, it creates a virtual friend who can be tracked by you. Whenever they updates their status, you will be notified through FriendFeed updates. This method also works with various other social networks on which you're not present but you want to keep yourself updated.

June 07, 2008

How to update ID3 tag Information directly from Window Media Player

I am a great music fan and I like to know complete and correct information about the songs. Like most of the time we don't have complete information of songs like their genres, artists, composers, year and lots of other information.

To update song information directly from Window Media Player is very simple. Follow the given steps -

  1. Open the library in WMP
  2. Right-Click the song you want to update song information and select Find Album Info.
  3. WMP uses Web services based architecture which first intelligently try to guess album/artist information from the partly given information.
  4. Search the album or artist or If it is automatically searched then select appropriate song information from the given search result.
  5. Match the tracks with the obtained tracks.

Now you have updated the song information.

Pros & Cons of this technique

Pros -

  1. The whole process of updating information is very quick and can be done during the playback of the song.
  2. No need of any other software or third-party plug-ins.
  3. My Experience with this feature is wonderful, I found most of the song information.
  4. It is quite intelligent enough to guess the Album information correctly.


  1. Sometimes WMP is not able to make connection with the web service.
  2. Not able to find information for less popular, specific geographical constrained songs.

Now you can enjoy the songs with complete information so that you can do research on your own music taste and likeliness. And it also help in managing your music library.

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