May 18, 2008

A Small Tweak to Boost Internet Surfing Speed

I was reading Digital Inspiration, I found an article on OpenDNS service. This service is the biggest repository of DNS mappings and it also find phishing sites, adult sites and also those site that we shall not browse.

How it is fast?
Since it is almost complete database of DNS records, it quickly resolve the query. If you fire a query to your local DNS Server, it possibly might not find record on itself and it fires query to another nearby Server. These process increase latency time and we feel that our Internet is going slow.

Configure your LAN settings and append the OpenDNS server IP, also set it to highest priority. Don't remove your previous DNS from there.
OpenDNS nameserver IP addresses are and

Now whenever your open any website, your browser will quickly resolve the query and You gonna fly faster than ever.