May 28, 2008

Read Magazines online for Free

Did you ever wished to read your PC Magazine or Photography 101 Magazine for free online? Here is the solution - 
Method # 1:
Open Safari browser (If you've Mac installed, it comes by default otherwise go to and download it for free).
Now goto preferences (ctrl+,), navigate to Advanced tab and check developer menu option. As shown in image:
Now in menu bar, navigate to >> Develop >> User Agent >> Mobile Safari 1.1.3 ( for Iphone).

Now you can read the latest issues of magazines like Photography 101, Playboy, Reader's Digest, Men's Health, Penthouse, Popular Mechanics etc online.

Method # 2:
Open firefox, type about:config in address bar and search for useragent in filter, 
change the value of "general.useragent.extra.firefox" to "Mobile Safari 1.1.3"
Now browse to read the magazine. 
After reading, don't forget to revert the changes done in about:config. thanks [labnol].