May 31, 2008

Microsoft Advisory : Threat due to Safari on windows platform

If you have installed Apple's Safari web browser on your Windows machine then this Security Advisory from Microsoft meant for you. According to this publication, there is a threat which allows remote code execution on windows platform through Safari. Currently the threat has not been exploited by anyone, but it is vulnerable.

How to avoid such exploitation?
  1. Uninstall Safari from Windows until Microsoft delivers security update for this problem.
  2. Or change the default download location of safari.
Don't Panic:
If you have changed the default location where Safari downloads the content.

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Technology.People.Fun.: Set a Guinness World Record, Download Firefox 3

Technology.People.Fun.: Set a Guinness World Record, Download Firefox 3

May 30, 2008

Safari Sucks Memory on Vista

I experience the worst memory eating software today, and the surprizing thing is that it's one of the popular browser by Apple, yeah I am talking about Safari!!
Can you believe, Safari ate my 300 MB of RAM and slowing down other processes. It sucked memory like anything and almost hanged up my notebook. And if you think I browse too many resources, Nope!! I had opened around 7 tabs. Is this too much to handle?? check the screenshot and If you feel it's a problem caused by any other process, or event then please share.

May 29, 2008

Event Planning Made Simple

I was looking for a simple, easy to use event management utility online and I got to know about Mobaganda*. It has very simple interface, no need to register/login.  Just fill the small form asking event name, date, venue. And  on the event homepage, there is an option for  invitees who will be attending the meeting. It preserves email ids of invitees. You get an RSS feed too for your event and moreover you'll get a [eventname] email id to shoot mail to all the friends who are joining  the event. And It last for 30 days, after that event details with all the Email Ids of friends are destroyed safely. And finally I got to know that it is hosted on Google's App Engine. [via TechCrunch]

May 28, 2008

Orkut's Indian Domain Name

Now Orkut has Indian domain name. After a long time like, orkut gets

But when will orkut be able to remove "no donut for you" message :D

Orkut adds themes [Officially]
Orkut has officially added themes and it is available to few users. It will be available to all in the end of next week, reported

Read Magazines online for Free

Did you ever wished to read your PC Magazine or Photography 101 Magazine for free online? Here is the solution - 
Method # 1:
Open Safari browser (If you've Mac installed, it comes by default otherwise go to and download it for free).
Now goto preferences (ctrl+,), navigate to Advanced tab and check developer menu option. As shown in image:
Now in menu bar, navigate to >> Develop >> User Agent >> Mobile Safari 1.1.3 ( for Iphone).

Now you can read the latest issues of magazines like Photography 101, Playboy, Reader's Digest, Men's Health, Penthouse, Popular Mechanics etc online.

Method # 2:
Open firefox, type about:config in address bar and search for useragent in filter, 
change the value of "general.useragent.extra.firefox" to "Mobile Safari 1.1.3"
Now browse to read the magazine. 
After reading, don't forget to revert the changes done in about:config. thanks [labnol].

May 25, 2008

Twitter Blog: Too much Jabber!

Twitter Blog: Too much Jabber!

Twitter found the bug!!
Services are recovering. That's good.

Twitter is down again

I think Twitter is struggling with the scaling issues again. System is down!!

I hope, not to get Server down err next time. Twitter's Real time system must be reliable in future so that it can support other important services reliably.

May 24, 2008

How to clean your Notebook

Watch this video:

Note: Don't use ammonia based cleaning solution on screen.

May 18, 2008

A Small Tweak to Boost Internet Surfing Speed

I was reading Digital Inspiration, I found an article on OpenDNS service. This service is the biggest repository of DNS mappings and it also find phishing sites, adult sites and also those site that we shall not browse.

How it is fast?
Since it is almost complete database of DNS records, it quickly resolve the query. If you fire a query to your local DNS Server, it possibly might not find record on itself and it fires query to another nearby Server. These process increase latency time and we feel that our Internet is going slow.

Configure your LAN settings and append the OpenDNS server IP, also set it to highest priority. Don't remove your previous DNS from there.
OpenDNS nameserver IP addresses are and

Now whenever your open any website, your browser will quickly resolve the query and You gonna fly faster than ever.

May 09, 2008

Discover your Music and Movie taste

Music has not the thing like a popular artist always play good songs, it's also possible that a newer artist can create a bang. Finding out new artist and even older artist which are very much similar is only possible either by friends who somehow get to know above it or by searching on web like wikipedia but this is very limited in scope. is a new way to discover and broaden your taste of music and movies. It works by creating artist map whose genres and degree to similarity is very close and what everyone likes if he/she likes one of them.

The map is very flexible and useful, once you're in just go searching and roaming from one discovery to another. Click to Enlarge the Music Map which is created by searching 'Linkin Park'.