March 02, 2008

Adobe AIR: Seamless Integration of Web with Desktop

Adobe AIR runtime is released by Adobe Labs few days ago. It is cross platform for running rich Internet applications for the next generation web. Actually, It is erasing the division between web and desktop. The Adobe® AIR™ runtime enables you to have your favorite web
applications with you all the time. Since applications built for Adobe
AIR run on your desktop computer without a web browser, they provide
all the convenience of a desktop application.
Download Adobe AIR now

It is must platform you required for upcoming applications by various major vendors like ebay, AOL etc, like our Adobe Reader (for PDFs). Some application one can found on Adobe AIR Marketplace home
If I needed to choose the most impressive music service that I know of, Finetune
would be it. When it's comes to personalized recommendations, it simply
has it all: A web-based application, iTunes integration, Finetune for Facebook/Wii, and of course: A Finetune AIR application for your desktop. The AIR
application syncs all your web playlists and allows you to hear your
favorite music right on your desktop, even if the browser's closed.
With one click you can switch from your Finetune favorite artists to
your own music collection from iTunes. Most of Adobe AIR
applications has this kinda shiny, clean look (like widgets) so it's
very lovable, and the experience is just soo good. Finetune has one of
the best 'AIR look' I saw.

Password Keeper is a light, yet powerful application that has the
capability to save all your passwords in one place. When you select a
data row the password for that row will automatically be copied to your
clipboard and you can paste it anywhere. Download here.

Fotobooth is a fun application for people who love Flickr and themselves :-)
can quickly snap pictures using their webcam, then upload to Flickr
right from their desktop. Moreover, FotoBooth comes with a great set of
editing tools, which allow you to take a snapshot of yourself, edit it
on the spot, and send your creation to your Flickr account. Very sweet.

The Google Analytics Reporting Suite brings Google Analytics to the
desktop, with a host of features that help you understand how your
website is performing and where you can improve it. From tracking your
visitors, referrals and campaigns to viewing your AdWords ROI metrics.
You can see the feature list and lots of screenshots by clicking here.

Usually, if you use Twitter, you prob. don’t use Pownce as well (and
vice versa), so I'll just recommend them both, and you get to choose
which one to install:

Pownce: You can send and receive notes from your desktop as if it was from the website itself.
is a twitter client that allows you to send and receive twitter
messages but has cool features including: Support for taking photos
with your webcam , and sending files to your friends (up to 10MB),

Kuler is adobe's
color scheme generator. It enables you to quickly search, create, and
share color themes online. You can either do it from the web or from
the desktop. You can also built an application yourself based on kuler APIs.

I had a bittersweet experience with the last application on my list. It's called Snippage and amazingly it allows you to cut interactive parts from any web page and place them on your desktop!
sweet? Because I can cut code from everywhere and see it live on my
desktop. (except Flash). Why bitter? Data not saved when the
application closed! And unfortunately links opens with IE...

Recommended (via ReadWriteWeb) : 6 Adobe AIR Apps to Check Out
(Thanks Go2Web2)

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