February 23, 2008

Portable WAMP Stack : No more bounds

We generally felt through a problem of portability of our web-based application. Consider a situation when you're developing a application on your home computer and you want to wrap them and get it to College's Lab environment where most of the times our systems are shared. Various experiments within the system led to corruption or unauthorized changes in the settings. I found two tools to get rid of this problem, these are WAMP Stacks for portable drives. This stack is basically a Integrated pre-packed environment having Apache2 Web Server, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.0, SQLite and many add-ons such as Apache Tomcat 6.014. Our servers can be used on any portable storage devices such as flash drives, CD-ROMs, External HDDs etc. It automatically detects free ports for running the services as and when required. Two of such open softwares are XAMPP and Server2Go which are very popular. Common features to both of them are -
  • Free of Charge
  • Complete WAMPP Server-Stack
  • Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Harddisk without installation
  • Full featured webserver (based on apache)
  • Installation is very simple, Just few clicks and Ready for Run.
  • Complete WAMP Stack
  • Wide Variety of XAMPP Addons including AXIS, Tomcat, Samba, Python and many more
So just free up your web based applications from Ports and Installations. For one click installation of various open source softwares for Windows and Linux platform, click www.bitnami.org for more information.

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