February 25, 2008

Web Mining

Today we had a seminar on Web-Mining, one of the latest advancement in the field of Data Mining. Here is the presentation.

February 23, 2008

Portable WAMP Stack : No more bounds

We generally felt through a problem of portability of our web-based application. Consider a situation when you're developing a application on your home computer and you want to wrap them and get it to College's Lab environment where most of the times our systems are shared. Various experiments within the system led to corruption or unauthorized changes in the settings. I found two tools to get rid of this problem, these are WAMP Stacks for portable drives. This stack is basically a Integrated pre-packed environment having Apache2 Web Server, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.0, SQLite and many add-ons such as Apache Tomcat 6.014. Our servers can be used on any portable storage devices such as flash drives, CD-ROMs, External HDDs etc. It automatically detects free ports for running the services as and when required. Two of such open softwares are XAMPP and Server2Go which are very popular. Common features to both of them are -
  • Free of Charge
  • Complete WAMPP Server-Stack
  • Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Harddisk without installation
  • Full featured webserver (based on apache)
  • Installation is very simple, Just few clicks and Ready for Run.
  • Complete WAMP Stack
  • Wide Variety of XAMPP Addons including AXIS, Tomcat, Samba, Python and many more
So just free up your web based applications from Ports and Installations. For one click installation of various open source softwares for Windows and Linux platform, click www.bitnami.org for more information.

February 19, 2008

Free Legal Music for Your Ears

No more pirated music for ears, those days are gone because now many services like Qtrax, Jamendo, Gruuve, Last.fm offering free music download which is legal....Yes 100% legal in our country too. These are free from Viruses, web spoofing and hence secured. Th ey are fast http based services and trans coded to support low bandwidth network . Though you will be missing Indian artists and bollywood songs in most of the services but it will give you a platform to rediscover new music and artists. Find the most interesting tracks and get downloaded for offline playback. Few websites that offers free legal music are :
  • Qtrax - It is a p2p music sharing and downloading service available for vista and mac
    platforms. You'll be required to download Qtrax client which has a Mozilla based browser and songbird type player with golden looks.
  • Jamendo - This is very different from its contenders from the perspective of Music collections. It has around 7000+ albums in high quality mp3 format and available for download mostly from the new artists/bands. You'll surely discover new music here. It's online player is awesome having sleek and easy interface. I personally love this service as compared to others. I found meditative soothing music for ambience only from jamendo.
  • Gruuve - The funda of this service is cool, Just search the artist and start gruuving. It features latest Pop, Rock, Indie artists and yeah celebrity singers can be found here easily.
So there are lots of space available for our ears. Just plugged in and spread waves in the air.
Please share any service(s) if you know, which is similar to the above services.

February 18, 2008

Blogger in Draft: New Feature: Blog List

Blogger in Draft: New Feature: Blog List
In the above post, you'll find the latest bloglist feature from Blogger and Google Reader. Now enjoy a better, good looking, feature rich and more manageable blog roll in the sidebar of your blog.

February 09, 2008

Enhanced Google Search for Hindi

Google Labs, India has recently introduced suggestions to phonetic Hindi search. Now, you can get the suggestions in Hindi while typing your query though this feature was available for English since a long time ago.

What's India Searching For Online?

Google Labs also introduced Google Trends for India. What's on our collective mind as we search for information? What's interesting to people right now? Hot Trends will tell you.

Now you can compare your search with the latest trend in the country which is quite good as your own research tool. For example, If I search for Mumbai's temperature, then this intelligent tool will adapt the search and present you additional data matching with your search. In this case, you'll be presented with the current weather summary of Mumbai and related news, blog entries and searches of nearby area of the city querying about weather.

So what's hot in your city, you can always goto this site and check it out in summarized form in the extremely busy world.

You can find out the search patterns and interest in their favorite topics. Compare the popularity of your multiple queries. Looking ahead of Valentine's day why don't you try the latest trend here. :D

Happy Googling !!