July 18, 2008

New SMSGupShup Looks Better And More Powerful

SMSGupShup.com, One of the most popular Mobile SMS group service in India got updated. Now with various features like better streamlined interface, option of owing more than one groups, control panel for maintaining subscription are some newly added features that makes it better than other services. And another very important thing about this service is Reliability. With millions of users accessing its service, they served them almost in real time, not like Twitter (No Downtime) . There are more than 3 lakhs publishers using its platform and expanding the usage.

How it is helping small businesses in marketing?
Small Businesses which deals with large number of consumers are using SMSGupShup successfully. They use this service to broadcast their deals, schemes, updates etc and lowers down their cost of communication.
Taking an example of Chain-based company, before using this service they usually send schemes updates of their product to all the customer spread widely in the country by regular post which cost around 5 bucks for each customer. Now they are using SMS based group, by using which they not only saves 5 bucks per customer but also updated everyone within few minutes. So it is actually making a business grow by cutting cost.
Few Suggestions for this Service on the basic of my experience with it

  1. Filter SMS with vulgar words, slang etc or introduce a way out to avoid such SMS to every group member by conforming his/her approval.
  2. Devise a mechanism to send user created pic unlike your own pre-cooked gallery.
  3. Connect it with major social networks like Orkut, Facebook etc and expand your connectivity with others IMs like Yahoo.

July 15, 2008

orkut Blog: Making orkut more accessible

Orkut finally added Shortcut key for navigating to Home, Scrapbook, Communities etc. Now you can quickly switch to scrapbook. Technically speaking, it is now using accesskey attribute in HTML. I also discovered a change in URL today - http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Home.aspx 
They are frequently updating the UI and Technology involved in Orkut by promoting dynamic AJAX based modules. 

Other Social Giant Facebook has also changed its UI. Now, the messy things on Home is removed. One can access facebook via new.facebook.com.

July 14, 2008

Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting
Originally uploaded by Njoule
Today, I and my brother Darpan had a great evening having lots of experiments with long exposure techniques on our cameras.
It was a real fun with long shutter speed of 6 to 15 seconds. It allow us to stretch our creativity in photography.
This photo was shot in Manual Mode with 6 sec Shutter Speed, ISO 100.

July 08, 2008

Where is a Book Library here? Try Burrp or Laila or JustDial!!

If you are standing on a City Square and want to know where is the nearest CCD or where is the Salon nearby.  Puzzled! There is no need to search a yellow pages directory for such daily life questions. Ask Laila or Burrp, yeah these are some of the local city specific search services. You can reach to site either by Web or my sending a query through SMS. 
Such services are very useful in finding solutions of day to day life queries such as finding a grocery shop in the locality or to search a laundry service. Even they can hint you about the pricing of a restaurant, so that you can decide before moving.  
There are few services which I think are worth to be used in India.
  1. Ask Laila - Available in metro cities of India, Here you can easily find events, restaurants, lifestyle services, shopping deals etc. On mobile, just SMS your query to 58969. Eg: SMS spa, south ext to the above no. You will get the result quickly.  Or access laila using WAP m.asklaila.com 
  2. Burrp - burrp! local is available in more cities than asklaila, It covers Pune, Ahemdabad too. Two things I like about burrp are first its unique  TV Guide and second, lots of reviews of local businesses. So there is a good chance that the returned search result is according to the customer feedback. 
  3. JustDial.com - A very popular local search engine which can be even accessed by a landline. 
  4. Zook.in - Zook is an online mobile search community. It works by community feedback mechanism. Zook on SMS:  to 57575665
  5. local.google.co.in  - Good search engine for web but its not up to the mark for very local search as compared to what above sites can search. But it is good for local businesses. 
  6. in.local.yahoo.com - A local search engine by Yahoo!
  7. ilaka.in - local search in major cities of India and have a directory kind of listing along with locality specific search. The good thing about this site I liked is an embedded MAP with the search result which is useful for locating the address. 
  8. Myquest.in - Best for Delhi-NCR region. Very detailed with lots of widgets. Nice!
So I hope you will now never get troubled anywhere. And I suggest you to submit entries on the above site if it is not available there. Be a responsible community member.

July 07, 2008


I purchased Sony VAIO for its class and reliability but now I am realizing it was a wrong decision. My laptop is having a series of problem since I brought. The biggest of them is in the LCD. It is showing a white line at a margin of 1 cm from top [shown in picture, click to enlarge]. And sometimes it also flickers. Which is absolutely ridiculous thing from a Brand like SONY.
Past few problems with VAIO [Model : FE-VGN48G/H]:
  1. Sometimes mute button, volume control button doesn't work properly.
  2. Slow on Vista as compared to the same configuration of other brands.
  3. Harddisk stops working sometimes and lappy hangs on.
  4. Battery life is around 70 minutes max. which is too less according to the Sony VAIO specification sheet.

I use my Lappy for around 7-8 hours daily. And till date I never gave a jerk or drop, so I am pretty sure that It's a electronics problem. I recommend don't buy a VAIO ever.

Help me out!! Suggest a solution to get rid out of this.

After writing an Email to Sony VAIO Support team about this problem, They suggested few steps to do:

  1. Update your BIOS Firmware to the latest version.
  2. Update your Graphic Card Driver [NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600].
  3. Restart your PC and Check whether problem is solved.
  4. If problem persist after following above steps, try Safe Mode.
  5. Still in trouble, Go to Sony Service Centre with Warranty Documents. 
So now I tried all of these steps, but that line is still there on my LCD. Huh? Very Annoying. :-(

July 06, 2008

CyberSearch Enhance Your FireFox 3 Address Bar

The CyberSearch FireFox extension transforms your address bar into a dynamic configurable search bar. It searches Google, Wikipedia and more using AJAX. You can customize it fully and even define your own keywords for searching. Like there are few inbuilt keywords, gbook for searching books using Google Books, gloc for searching Local Businesses using Google Local etc. you can even create new keywords from plugin options.
Like I create ap as a keyword for searching in my blog http://anjulsahu.blogspot.com/ [shown in image]. Using cybersearch you can directly open the desired search link through the address bar.

The extension is currently under experimental mode at firefox addon site so you need to register there to install the extension. CyberSearch is free and saves our time of browsing. It should be noted that It works only with Firefox 3.

Here is a video demostrating the plugin.
CyberSearch [CyberNet]

Now NCERT Books Goes Online

With the increasing usage of IT-based solution everywhere, Government organizations are also using it widely in educational systems. In the extension of implementations, NCERT introduced online books for all the subjects of all classes right from I to XII in PDF.
I find it very useful, because now most of the students are having computers with them and books in pdf saves cost and after all this comes for free so that's even great. Thanks to NCERT. :)

June 15, 2008

Protect your Pen Drive from being affected by Malicious Viruses

Sometimes our computers in a public lab creates a havoc when you insert your flash drive in USB port. The host computer which is most of the time affected by lots of viruses, worms etc senses the drive and starts attacking before you can move your mouse. Sometimes your data is lost or corrupted, And you give a damn to that PC.

We can do the same thing intelligently :-) So What you need to do for safeguarding your data on flash drive?

The answer to this very important question can be: Before plugging the drive, disable the writing mechanism first so that no program can change the bits on the drive.

How to disable the writing mechanism?

Step 1: Open the Registry editor. you can do the same by "regedit" command on Run or command prompt.

Step 2: Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies\WriteProtect

Step 3: Flip the bit to Enable Read-Only mode

Note: Make sure you undone the changes in registry after your work.

Though this method is not checked up to forensic level but it works at least logically.

If you're not a geek and no idea of registry editing and have a fear of doing the above things wrong, Don't worry we have a small application, Thumbscrew which do the same thing by a simple toggle switch.

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How to track someone's gtalk status updates

I was searching a way through which I can track the updates of gtalk status of a person who is not in my friend list. Here is the way, But firstly you must need Google/gtalk ID of your friend.

Step 1: Login to FriendFeed, and Navigate to "Friend's Setting" on the right side up on the home page.
Step 2: Add an Imaginary friend (you will find this option through a navigation tab in the menu).
Step 3: Select gtalk icon to get its status feed

Now, it creates a virtual friend who can be tracked by you. Whenever they updates their status, you will be notified through FriendFeed updates. This method also works with various other social networks on which you're not present but you want to keep yourself updated.

June 07, 2008

How to update ID3 tag Information directly from Window Media Player

I am a great music fan and I like to know complete and correct information about the songs. Like most of the time we don't have complete information of songs like their genres, artists, composers, year and lots of other information.

To update song information directly from Window Media Player is very simple. Follow the given steps -

  1. Open the library in WMP
  2. Right-Click the song you want to update song information and select Find Album Info.
  3. WMP uses Web services based architecture which first intelligently try to guess album/artist information from the partly given information.
  4. Search the album or artist or If it is automatically searched then select appropriate song information from the given search result.
  5. Match the tracks with the obtained tracks.

Now you have updated the song information.

Pros & Cons of this technique

Pros -

  1. The whole process of updating information is very quick and can be done during the playback of the song.
  2. No need of any other software or third-party plug-ins.
  3. My Experience with this feature is wonderful, I found most of the song information.
  4. It is quite intelligent enough to guess the Album information correctly.


  1. Sometimes WMP is not able to make connection with the web service.
  2. Not able to find information for less popular, specific geographical constrained songs.

Now you can enjoy the songs with complete information so that you can do research on your own music taste and likeliness. And it also help in managing your music library.

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May 31, 2008

Microsoft Advisory : Threat due to Safari on windows platform

If you have installed Apple's Safari web browser on your Windows machine then this Security Advisory from Microsoft meant for you. According to this publication, there is a threat which allows remote code execution on windows platform through Safari. Currently the threat has not been exploited by anyone, but it is vulnerable.

How to avoid such exploitation?
  1. Uninstall Safari from Windows until Microsoft delivers security update for this problem.
  2. Or change the default download location of safari.
Don't Panic:
If you have changed the default location where Safari downloads the content.

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Technology.People.Fun.: Set a Guinness World Record, Download Firefox 3

Technology.People.Fun.: Set a Guinness World Record, Download Firefox 3

May 30, 2008

Safari Sucks Memory on Vista

I experience the worst memory eating software today, and the surprizing thing is that it's one of the popular browser by Apple, yeah I am talking about Safari!!
Can you believe, Safari ate my 300 MB of RAM and slowing down other processes. It sucked memory like anything and almost hanged up my notebook. And if you think I browse too many resources, Nope!! I had opened around 7 tabs. Is this too much to handle?? check the screenshot and If you feel it's a problem caused by any other process, or event then please share.

May 29, 2008

Event Planning Made Simple

I was looking for a simple, easy to use event management utility online and I got to know about Mobaganda*. It has very simple interface, no need to register/login.  Just fill the small form asking event name, date, venue. And  on the event homepage, there is an option for  invitees who will be attending the meeting. It preserves email ids of invitees. You get an RSS feed too for your event and moreover you'll get a [eventname]@mobaganda.com email id to shoot mail to all the friends who are joining  the event. And It last for 30 days, after that event details with all the Email Ids of friends are destroyed safely. And finally I got to know that it is hosted on Google's App Engine. [via TechCrunch]

May 28, 2008

Orkut's Indian Domain Name

Now Orkut has Indian domain name. After a long time like google.co.in, orkut gets orkut.co.in

But when will orkut be able to remove "no donut for you" message :D

Orkut adds themes [Officially]
Orkut has officially added themes and it is available to few users. It will be available to all in the end of next week, reported tech-buzz.net

Read Magazines online for Free

Did you ever wished to read your PC Magazine or Photography 101 Magazine for free online? Here is the solution - 
Method # 1:
Open Safari browser (If you've Mac installed, it comes by default otherwise go to apple.com and download it for free).
Now goto preferences (ctrl+,), navigate to Advanced tab and check developer menu option. As shown in image:
Now in menu bar, navigate to >> Develop >> User Agent >> Mobile Safari 1.1.3 ( for Iphone).

Now you can read the latest issues of magazines like Photography 101, Playboy, Reader's Digest, Men's Health, Penthouse, Popular Mechanics etc online.

Method # 2:
Open firefox, type about:config in address bar and search for useragent in filter, 
change the value of "general.useragent.extra.firefox" to "Mobile Safari 1.1.3"
Now browse zinio.com/iphone to read the magazine. 
After reading, don't forget to revert the changes done in about:config. thanks [labnol].

May 25, 2008

Twitter Blog: Too much Jabber!

Twitter Blog: Too much Jabber!

Twitter found the bug!!
Services are recovering. That's good.

Twitter is down again

I think Twitter is struggling with the scaling issues again. System is down!!

I hope, not to get Server down err next time. Twitter's Real time system must be reliable in future so that it can support other important services reliably.

May 24, 2008

How to clean your Notebook

Watch this video:

Note: Don't use ammonia based cleaning solution on screen.

May 18, 2008

A Small Tweak to Boost Internet Surfing Speed

I was reading Digital Inspiration, I found an article on OpenDNS service. This service is the biggest repository of DNS mappings and it also find phishing sites, adult sites and also those site that we shall not browse.

How it is fast?
Since it is almost complete database of DNS records, it quickly resolve the query. If you fire a query to your local DNS Server, it possibly might not find record on itself and it fires query to another nearby Server. These process increase latency time and we feel that our Internet is going slow.

Configure your LAN settings and append the OpenDNS server IP, also set it to highest priority. Don't remove your previous DNS from there.
OpenDNS nameserver IP addresses are and

Now whenever your open any website, your browser will quickly resolve the query and You gonna fly faster than ever.

May 09, 2008

Discover your Music and Movie taste

Music has not the thing like a popular artist always play good songs, it's also possible that a newer artist can create a bang. Finding out new artist and even older artist which are very much similar is only possible either by friends who somehow get to know above it or by searching on web like wikipedia but this is very limited in scope.

www.liveplasma.com is a new way to discover and broaden your taste of music and movies. It works by creating artist map whose genres and degree to similarity is very close and what everyone likes if he/she likes one of them.

The map is very flexible and useful, once you're in just go searching and roaming from one discovery to another. Click to Enlarge the Music Map which is created by searching 'Linkin Park'.

April 27, 2008

Google Movies in India

Google had launched movies in India too...Goto www.google.co.in/movies and search the show times and movies in all the major theatres in the city. Search result is very useful in planning out the outing. I have used it three times and its been really worthy to use this utility. Now you don't need to pick the newspapers for finding the details.

April 15, 2008

Orkut on Mobile

My exams are over now and now I'm back to my blog.
The biggest gift by Google to us in this week is Orkut's mobile version. It was a silent launch and few bloggers discovered this interesting and awaited version. One can access Orkut via http://m.orkut.com/. It is a nice step for those who are addicted of checking scraps frequently. Very simple Interface with minimum options which saves bandwidth. Cheers!! Thanks to Rahul.

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March 07, 2008

New Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB

iPod Shuffle
Now best audio and brand in your pocket with affordable prize...Yeah, Apple sense the need of this and therefore launched few updated versions of iPod shuffle, nano and Touch with more memory.
Apple launched 2 GB iPod Shuffle extending its famous 1 GB model. Now 2 GB model cost around $69 (2750 INR) and 1 GB model cost $49 (2000 INR). Keeping youths in mind, Apple made iPod available in various bold and trendy colors such as pink, aqua blue, crimson red and purple. I need aqua blue..Love this!! :)
Apple also launched 32GB model for iPod Touch which was previously available in 8 GB and 16 GB Model. Touch is a iPhone without a phone. :D

March 02, 2008

Adobe AIR: Seamless Integration of Web with Desktop

Adobe AIR runtime is released by Adobe Labs few days ago. It is cross platform for running rich Internet applications for the next generation web. Actually, It is erasing the division between web and desktop. The Adobe® AIR™ runtime enables you to have your favorite web
applications with you all the time. Since applications built for Adobe
AIR run on your desktop computer without a web browser, they provide
all the convenience of a desktop application.
Download Adobe AIR now

It is must platform you required for upcoming applications by various major vendors like ebay, AOL etc, like our Adobe Reader (for PDFs). Some application one can found on Adobe AIR Marketplace home
If I needed to choose the most impressive music service that I know of, Finetune
would be it. When it's comes to personalized recommendations, it simply
has it all: A web-based application, iTunes integration, Finetune for Facebook/Wii, and of course: A Finetune AIR application for your desktop. The AIR
application syncs all your web playlists and allows you to hear your
favorite music right on your desktop, even if the browser's closed.
With one click you can switch from your Finetune favorite artists to
your own music collection from iTunes. Most of Adobe AIR
applications has this kinda shiny, clean look (like widgets) so it's
very lovable, and the experience is just soo good. Finetune has one of
the best 'AIR look' I saw.

Password Keeper is a light, yet powerful application that has the
capability to save all your passwords in one place. When you select a
data row the password for that row will automatically be copied to your
clipboard and you can paste it anywhere. Download here.

Fotobooth is a fun application for people who love Flickr and themselves :-)
can quickly snap pictures using their webcam, then upload to Flickr
right from their desktop. Moreover, FotoBooth comes with a great set of
editing tools, which allow you to take a snapshot of yourself, edit it
on the spot, and send your creation to your Flickr account. Very sweet.

The Google Analytics Reporting Suite brings Google Analytics to the
desktop, with a host of features that help you understand how your
website is performing and where you can improve it. From tracking your
visitors, referrals and campaigns to viewing your AdWords ROI metrics.
You can see the feature list and lots of screenshots by clicking here.

Usually, if you use Twitter, you prob. don’t use Pownce as well (and
vice versa), so I'll just recommend them both, and you get to choose
which one to install:

Pownce: You can send and receive notes from your desktop as if it was from the website itself.
is a twitter client that allows you to send and receive twitter
messages but has cool features including: Support for taking photos
with your webcam , and sending files to your friends (up to 10MB),

Kuler is adobe's
color scheme generator. It enables you to quickly search, create, and
share color themes online. You can either do it from the web or from
the desktop. You can also built an application yourself based on kuler APIs.

I had a bittersweet experience with the last application on my list. It's called Snippage and amazingly it allows you to cut interactive parts from any web page and place them on your desktop!
sweet? Because I can cut code from everywhere and see it live on my
desktop. (except Flash). Why bitter? Data not saved when the
application closed! And unfortunately links opens with IE...

Recommended (via ReadWriteWeb) : 6 Adobe AIR Apps to Check Out
(Thanks Go2Web2)

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February 25, 2008

Web Mining

Today we had a seminar on Web-Mining, one of the latest advancement in the field of Data Mining. Here is the presentation.

February 23, 2008

Portable WAMP Stack : No more bounds

We generally felt through a problem of portability of our web-based application. Consider a situation when you're developing a application on your home computer and you want to wrap them and get it to College's Lab environment where most of the times our systems are shared. Various experiments within the system led to corruption or unauthorized changes in the settings. I found two tools to get rid of this problem, these are WAMP Stacks for portable drives. This stack is basically a Integrated pre-packed environment having Apache2 Web Server, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.0, SQLite and many add-ons such as Apache Tomcat 6.014. Our servers can be used on any portable storage devices such as flash drives, CD-ROMs, External HDDs etc. It automatically detects free ports for running the services as and when required. Two of such open softwares are XAMPP and Server2Go which are very popular. Common features to both of them are -
  • Free of Charge
  • Complete WAMPP Server-Stack
  • Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Harddisk without installation
  • Full featured webserver (based on apache)
  • Installation is very simple, Just few clicks and Ready for Run.
  • Complete WAMP Stack
  • Wide Variety of XAMPP Addons including AXIS, Tomcat, Samba, Python and many more
So just free up your web based applications from Ports and Installations. For one click installation of various open source softwares for Windows and Linux platform, click www.bitnami.org for more information.

February 19, 2008

Free Legal Music for Your Ears

No more pirated music for ears, those days are gone because now many services like Qtrax, Jamendo, Gruuve, Last.fm offering free music download which is legal....Yes 100% legal in our country too. These are free from Viruses, web spoofing and hence secured. Th ey are fast http based services and trans coded to support low bandwidth network . Though you will be missing Indian artists and bollywood songs in most of the services but it will give you a platform to rediscover new music and artists. Find the most interesting tracks and get downloaded for offline playback. Few websites that offers free legal music are :
  • Qtrax - It is a p2p music sharing and downloading service available for vista and mac
    platforms. You'll be required to download Qtrax client which has a Mozilla based browser and songbird type player with golden looks.
  • Jamendo - This is very different from its contenders from the perspective of Music collections. It has around 7000+ albums in high quality mp3 format and available for download mostly from the new artists/bands. You'll surely discover new music here. It's online player is awesome having sleek and easy interface. I personally love this service as compared to others. I found meditative soothing music for ambience only from jamendo.
  • Gruuve - The funda of this service is cool, Just search the artist and start gruuving. It features latest Pop, Rock, Indie artists and yeah celebrity singers can be found here easily.
So there are lots of space available for our ears. Just plugged in and spread waves in the air.
Please share any service(s) if you know, which is similar to the above services.

February 18, 2008

Blogger in Draft: New Feature: Blog List

Blogger in Draft: New Feature: Blog List
In the above post, you'll find the latest bloglist feature from Blogger and Google Reader. Now enjoy a better, good looking, feature rich and more manageable blog roll in the sidebar of your blog.

February 09, 2008

Enhanced Google Search for Hindi

Google Labs, India has recently introduced suggestions to phonetic Hindi search. Now, you can get the suggestions in Hindi while typing your query though this feature was available for English since a long time ago.

What's India Searching For Online?

Google Labs also introduced Google Trends for India. What's on our collective mind as we search for information? What's interesting to people right now? Hot Trends will tell you.

Now you can compare your search with the latest trend in the country which is quite good as your own research tool. For example, If I search for Mumbai's temperature, then this intelligent tool will adapt the search and present you additional data matching with your search. In this case, you'll be presented with the current weather summary of Mumbai and related news, blog entries and searches of nearby area of the city querying about weather.

So what's hot in your city, you can always goto this site and check it out in summarized form in the extremely busy world.

You can find out the search patterns and interest in their favorite topics. Compare the popularity of your multiple queries. Looking ahead of Valentine's day why don't you try the latest trend here. :D

Happy Googling !!