October 31, 2007

The day you went away

The day you went away

You left me alone in this selfish world

Your remembrance on every second

Making me dumb, day by day.

The day you went away

You'd stolen my sleeps

Making fluctuation in my beats

stimulating me with your dreams

Now, Ignoring me. Why?

The day you went away

You flew away with my heart.

© Anjul Sahu. Poem was written during my seventh semester of college life.

October 17, 2007

माना बिखरा हूँ मैं अभी,
मैंने ख्वाब पिरोये थे ...
तेरी साँसों में गुम हूँ अभी,
मेरी चाहत अधूरी है ...

मुश्किलें जब भी आ जायेगी,
दर्द हद से गुजर जाएगा...
कोई गम न फ़िर होगा मुझे,
अगर ख्वाबों में तुम आओगे...

अब तो आदत सी है मुझको ऐसे जीने में...

दूर जितना भी मेरे ..पास तेरे ...अब तो आदत सी है मुझे...

This song is dedicated to all the persons who ever felt the ignorance by someone.

But I think that Ignorance is bliss because it encourage my inner selves to fight against this persons and thus makes me more powerful. So dont feel off on being ignored, its the never before experience which counts for our whole life. I want to make the ignorant feel that whatever is being done by him/her, they will realize it soon.