December 16, 2007

Windows Live Writer - A new definition to blogging

Sitting online and writing blog is a tedious and bandwidth consuming opt. But now you can save your time and work on being offline with the latest blogging tool by Microsoft (Yay!) and it supports almost all types of blogging platforms such as blogger, WordPress, live spaces, sharepoint etc. It is a feature rich editor, a WYSIWYG editor with automatic image uploading option to the generic space available on the blog. Sometimes in hurry we generally makes blunders in spellings, WLwriter also has inbuilt spell checker and can manage multiple blogs at the same time from the single interface. Based on the .Net Platform and having numerous features, One can try it. Publish your blogs directly from desk. Some cool features are -

  • You can insert hyperlinks, pictures, tables, maps, tags and videos directly.
  • Optional plug-in can be added.
  • Full featured formatting and drafting.
  • Streamlined modern interface.
  • Inbuilt image editing, I say quick editing like watermarking, margins setup et al.

Get it free.

You’ll experience some problems with the above version with blogger, to get up from this problem please update it with your windows automatic updates. The new version you can check is 12.0.1367.1128

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