December 11, 2007

I want to cry...

I want to cry, but
tears are dried.

I want to love, but
other do conflicts and ruin my world.

I want to hate, but
my heart never let it happen.

I want to submerge in dreams, but
again my brain stops me to let down my over-confident mind.

I want to live, but
my neurons don't support.

I want to die, but
my well-wishers bounds me.

I want to cry, I want to cry,
and want to lighten my heart.

But this world is not according to me. :)


  1. hey anjul really nice poem ...
    quite a touching n emotional one
    gud work .....
    Truly suits u'r condition

  2. disclaimer : this poem is fictional.

  3. Its not at all fictitious dear....
    Specially the part that u also want to live...
    Now what i want to say about the narration is that....
    A true writers identity is that he is able to jot on paper the truth of his life.

  4. my poetic senses are a bit numb but stil i'd say I liked ur last poem better ...
    keep bloggin!

  5. ok thanks!!
    I'll keep in mind in future...what readers like... :)

  6. i wanted to run away from this world,
    but i can't find any other place,
    And infact their is no ohter place.

    i found people running every where
    and got confused that who has sense of directon and who is lost.

    i wanted to change the world
    but at last found easy to change myself.

    i lost myself in order to find me.:)

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  8. @Akshat, I know life is not easy. I am seriously trying to get away from this thing. Thanks for understanding me.

    @Parag, Thanks buddy, you're genius in comments too...

  9. Nice poem :), loved it...
    but the kid in pic is definitely not crying for those reasons you mentioned, probably a boo-boo ... try to change it :)

  10. @nitish
    Yeah Probably, picture is not synonymous to the poem because I didn't scratched my nails much to search any related pic. ;)


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