August 09, 2007

In resonance with one's heart & mind

This figure shows triangular theory of love.

Psychology of Love :

Resonating frequencies between two souls are like common things when someone loves or cares for the other soul. It always makes some connection logically with the minds and intuit us most of the times. Feeling such experiences proves that it happens more often when you havn't met with that soul since long time. It increases our potential to think in that direction and consequently make us feel about this metaphysical activity that happens between the minds. And this is not day dreaming, it circumstancly happens as I stated above.

Both soul thinks alike and signals are transferred through eyes or might be through unknown medium ( only used to transfer signals and thoughts between two souls) which is yet to be discovered. Mind got distracted in this activity and feels like a monkey lost in the jungle and finding out his family and friends. Your beats frequency increases apparantly and blood pressure suddenly crosses 160 pt mark ( be careful, it might sweep out the mercury).

Souls can understand the silence and this silent language can define any word which are need to be taught. The enigmatic feeling, mystic voices bombarding my head ... some neo tantric voices which always made me joyous, chords of music, I feel everything new and Innocent. It gives as power to sustain and always motivate to continue the spirit with the same potential and sometimes even more....

can you hear my mystical voice?

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