June 29, 2007

Greatest Day : 29th June 2007

the MSday experienced on 28th was greatest one, because i was feeling honoured when i was their for interview...working with great mind of my college their is really Inspiring and once-upon a time event which might not come in life again.

but finally out as i was the weakest link there. Huh!!

Now Relaxed!


  1. God always have different plans

    when ever we lose something whether love or a battle, they always say that god might have different plans.They also say sometimes we don't get what we desire is because we deserve more .These are not the sentences for merely satisfing who has lost but are very true.God wants us to suffer a bit more pain than others .So that we have more value for what we got. He tests your perseverance.whenever we get rejected we come close for his selection.He wants to see how well we managed when we go through hell.After a series of rejections and pains he accept us.So,if life has thrown a sharp coner in your way be happy because you are god's chosen one.He has seen some creative genious in you and that's why wants to tumble you.Always remember"TO LIVE GREATLY YOU MUST RISK GREATLY,SMALL RISKS LEAD TO A SMALL LIFE".

  2. MS recruited 5 from our campus..It is tough but there are more opportunities..You love coding so this means you can go a long way.. I have no exp of coding but still got a job in IT field...

  3. thanks !!
    Hmm...opportunities never ends...


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