December 30, 2007

bachpan ke dukh bhi kitne ache the

bachpan ke dukh bhi kitne ache the,
tab to sirf khilone tuta karte the.
Wo khushiya bhi na jane kaise khushiya thi,
titli ko pakad ke uchhla karte the.
ao maar ke khud barish ke pani me,
apna aap ko bhigoya karte the.
ab to ek aansu bhi rusva kar jata hai,
bachpan me to dil khol ke roya karte the

Globally hosted Operating System -

Read about latest and newest thing which is a virtual computer. read more
A similar thing is awaited from
  1. Firefox Creators ( Black Rose ) - their project Parakey
  2. Google's Unofficial blog once scribbled about such system's possibility.
  3. and few more services that are more relatively same to its context of working and it is working on web.
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Important Updates by - A mobile community that I articulated earlier on this blog has added two important updates to their service.
  1. One to One messaging is now possible.
  2. You can also get a copy of message on your phone that you've sent.
  3. You can send picture message too but it is currently limited to a specific set provided by the service.
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भीड़ में भी जब कोई तुम्हें तन्हा दिखाई दे

भीड़ में भी जब कोई तुम्हें तन्हा दिखाई दे ,
सबके साथ होकर भी जब कोई अकेला दिखाई दे |
हँसते ही जिसके दिखे एक समंदर सा दर्द का ,
देख जिसे लगे इंतज़ार में एक बुत अपने खुदा के ,
जिसकी सोच समझ जैसे खोई सी लगे ,
जिसकी बातों से ख़ुद तेरी तस्वीर बने ,
बस बिना खोए एक भी पल उसे ,
मेरा नाम लेके मिल लेना ,
वो मैं ना भी हुआ तो कोई ग़म नहीं ,
वो मेरे जैसा हो जाएगा ,
मैं ना सही कोई तो तुम्हे मिल जाएगा |
और अगर याद मेरा नाम भी तब ना आए ,
तो बस अपने नाम से पुकार लेना उसे ,
यक़ीन करो वो मैं हुआ तो एक पल में
पहचान लूँगा , तुम्हे फिर तुमसे माँग लूँगा |

Originally published by हेम ज्योत्स्ना पाराशर ” दीप ”

December 28, 2007


'Where is God? ' asked the child,
So young, so innocent.
' He is here, He is there
He is everywhere' said the mother

'Show me God, ' cried the child
' He is in Heaven
Looking down at you' said the father.

'Who is God? ' wailed the child
'Let’s see' smiled the teacher.

' He, whose eyes shed tears
In the misery of others
Whose helping hands
Extend in difficult hours
Whose loving heart envelops
Others for ever and ever-
He is God'

'Now I know God'
Exclaimed the enlightened child.


December 23, 2007

Ralamandal Wildlife Reserve, Indore

On friday 21st dec on the eve of Eid, We planned to roam around a only wildlife reserver near Indore i.e. Ralamandal
Here is the slide show of the trip.

December 16, 2007

Windows Live Writer - A new definition to blogging

Sitting online and writing blog is a tedious and bandwidth consuming opt. But now you can save your time and work on being offline with the latest blogging tool by Microsoft (Yay!) and it supports almost all types of blogging platforms such as blogger, WordPress, live spaces, sharepoint etc. It is a feature rich editor, a WYSIWYG editor with automatic image uploading option to the generic space available on the blog. Sometimes in hurry we generally makes blunders in spellings, WLwriter also has inbuilt spell checker and can manage multiple blogs at the same time from the single interface. Based on the .Net Platform and having numerous features, One can try it. Publish your blogs directly from desk. Some cool features are -

  • You can insert hyperlinks, pictures, tables, maps, tags and videos directly.
  • Optional plug-in can be added.
  • Full featured formatting and drafting.
  • Streamlined modern interface.
  • Inbuilt image editing, I say quick editing like watermarking, margins setup et al.

Get it free.

You’ll experience some problems with the above version with blogger, to get up from this problem please update it with your windows automatic updates. The new version you can check is 12.0.1367.1128

December 11, 2007

I want to cry...

I want to cry, but
tears are dried.

I want to love, but
other do conflicts and ruin my world.

I want to hate, but
my heart never let it happen.

I want to submerge in dreams, but
again my brain stops me to let down my over-confident mind.

I want to live, but
my neurons don't support.

I want to die, but
my well-wishers bounds me.

I want to cry, I want to cry,
and want to lighten my heart.

But this world is not according to me. :)

December 05, 2007 will broadcast your sms

Want to gupshup with friends? Use your mobile, create a group on and invite your friends to it. Now you can send sms to all the users through this website.
you don't need to go online to invite your friends. Just follow this simple steps :

  1. Create your group by sending an SMS to 567673434. Example:CREATE mygroup123

  2. Invite friends to your group:INVITE 98200XXXXX 99203XXXXX

  3. Send group messages to 567673434. Example:Hi, welcome to IT::SGSITS.

itsgsits is a group already created. You just need subsribe to it. Now talking on how much to pay for it. They say, its free but really not. For every sms to 567673434, a normal message rate applied according to your operator. So cost of broadcasting of one message to a group will surely less than One Re.
Integration with gtalk: add to your buddy list and directly broadcast without a mobile... :D. Hey this is really cool for people like me.
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December 04, 2007

Journey to Sacred India

It was Friday, we started our journey to north pilgrim places like Amritsar, Vaishno Devi etc from Indore. A long scenic journey of 1500 kms at one stretch passing through diverse states of India through our ever lazy train. Our coach was just adjacent to pantry car...ahh...smell of delicious dishes itching our stomach all the time. Moreover, we had few laughter champions along with us, they only know laughing on their PJs, eating like a Hunk and sleeping in musical rhythm....a journey to remember for the lifetime.

We reached Jammu on next day after exhausting 27 hrs long journey, and without moving our of rly station we booked a taxi to katra (2 hrs run) which is a base station to Vaishno Devi Shrine.
Vaishno Devi is already a popular place, thousands of person travel here and do trekking on the mountain for darshan of devi in form of pindies. Don't carry your camera here, its of no use because photography is prohibited. Have a look to wide panoramic shot of V.D. up to which cams are allowed. © Anjul Sahu
After adventurous tour of VD, we moved to our base station and took a stay for a night. On the next day, we did a Tata Sumo for Dharmshala (McLeodGanj), Kangra, Jwalaji, Chintpurni and Pathankot. Travelling throughout the day, in the sidelines of tropical deciduous forest and mountain ranges, reached Mcleodganj (10 kms from dharmshala).

Mcleodganj was built by Britishers and now populated with Tibetans, Christians and Anglo-Indians. I can feel the presence of these groups in their architecture styles, language and food. Nowadays, it is more popular for Dalai lama's residence at Namgyal monastery. China is against them and thrashed them from Tibet to India. Note: If you want shopping, do bargain because they tag products for four times the actual cost. Checkout the photo on your right, these horrible piece of art is of few hundred bucks, I want to buy them all which was not feasible so I took a snap of all of them are mine.

One good initiative I looked here was ban on plastics, they use paper -bags and keep the mountains clean. Nature will give you pleasure till you respect him, This is the rule of thumb which they really follow.

Amritsar: The last destination was the most divine place for Sikhs, 105 km from pathankot. It was a day long tour and favorite spots were Jalianwala Bagh, Golden Temple and Wagha Border. Jaliawala bagh & Golden Temple are nearly adjacent, and both has stitched with bloody history. The famous Jalianwala Bagh massacre, the garden saturated by nearly 2000 Indian patriots who were martyred in a non-violence struggle to free India from British domination, Gen. Dyer of British Army opened fire here on the unarmed Indians.

Golden Temple: The main attraction of the city. One can spend hours here without rethinking. It is such a spiritual place with melodious kirtans around the four corners and the architectural beauty has its own glory. Few things one should never miss here is the main temple & internal architecture style within the temple, the bhandara ( the social food) and the kar-seva i.e. the work with self interest. For Photo(s): Click Flickr/anjul

Wagha Border Ceremony: wagha border is a crossing between India and Pakistan. 30 km out of city near Atari international railway station. The flag off ceremony is one especial event that happens daily before sun-set. People from both the countries collect here on the pavilion and 6.5 ft high BSF troops march and represent their respective country with 120 db sound level....VANDE MATARAM.... The whole scenario just changes to patriotic glory. Note: be there on time, otherwise you'll miss the most important thing for which you marched for.

October 31, 2007

The day you went away

The day you went away

You left me alone in this selfish world

Your remembrance on every second

Making me dumb, day by day.

The day you went away

You'd stolen my sleeps

Making fluctuation in my beats

stimulating me with your dreams

Now, Ignoring me. Why?

The day you went away

You flew away with my heart.

© Anjul Sahu. Poem was written during my seventh semester of college life.

October 17, 2007

माना बिखरा हूँ मैं अभी,
मैंने ख्वाब पिरोये थे ...
तेरी साँसों में गुम हूँ अभी,
मेरी चाहत अधूरी है ...

मुश्किलें जब भी आ जायेगी,
दर्द हद से गुजर जाएगा...
कोई गम न फ़िर होगा मुझे,
अगर ख्वाबों में तुम आओगे...

अब तो आदत सी है मुझको ऐसे जीने में...

दूर जितना भी मेरे ..पास तेरे ...अब तो आदत सी है मुझे...

This song is dedicated to all the persons who ever felt the ignorance by someone.

But I think that Ignorance is bliss because it encourage my inner selves to fight against this persons and thus makes me more powerful. So dont feel off on being ignored, its the never before experience which counts for our whole life. I want to make the ignorant feel that whatever is being done by him/her, they will realize it soon.

September 02, 2007

Down them all

downthemall is an enhancement to your firefox browser. It allow you to download data upto 400% faster with resumable feature.
You can get downthemall from
Here you get .xpi file.. {install now}

DownThemAll is fast, reliable and easy-to-use! It lets you download all the links or images contained in a webpage and much more: you can refine your downloads by fully customizable criteria to get only what you really want!

Just click xpi link and restart firefox when done....
Now when you want to download any file with the help of downThemAll!!!
Right click the link and select downthemall....u need to select folder where you want to save the file. select it and go for start.
Enjoy 400% faster downloads... :) :) :D

Recently I reviewed Download Accelerator Plus 8 which i think is best in performance, the only problem with dap8 is the advertisements that comes with it on the looks like a jargon. Yet it is faster and best part is that it works both with Internet Explorer and Firefox simulataneously. So if you are thinking of downloading lots of stuff from your internet explorer as well ...go for dap8...which also supports resumable downloads and multipart chunks in parallel technology...

August 18, 2007

Google Introduced Indic Transliteration tool

Google Labs India introduced an online typing tool in Hindi. It is basically Indic transliteration tool , for eg if you type 'aaj mein upar' , This tool will convert that english text in to phonetic hindi as ' आज में ऊपर ' .
It also has an online dictionary based support which suggest you the relevant word as you type.
Its Interface is very light so that you can use anywhere, any kind of plugin support is not required in the browser.
So enjoy writing in Hindi without knowing to type in hindi.... :) click here for the tool

August 17, 2007

Roses are red, violets are blue

Rose are red, violets are blue

Love never crossed my mind until the day that I met you

Roses are red, violets are blue

When I’m with you my heart feel brand new

Roses are red, violets are blue

At times when I’m blind I could only still see you

Roses are red, violets are blue

When I have nothing else to look forward for I still have you

Roses are red, violets are blue

When thinking of love, it’s like thinking of you

Roses are red, violets are blue

I’ll save my last dance only to dance with you

August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!

celebrating 60 years of Freedom with joy and of course Indian patriotic music...which always inspired everyone right from freedom fighters to general civilians...Music with diversity, unity and spirit of freedom...has the soul in music...One of such great collection on can download from (thanks Keshav for this link).

मंजिल पे आया मुल्क हर बला को टाल के
सदियों के बाद फिर उड़े बादल गुलाल के
हम लाए हैं तूफ़ान से कश्ती निकाल के
इस देश को रखना मेरे बच्चों सम्भाल के

Yeh preet sada ki reet yahan, mein geet yahan ke gaata hun, bhaarat ka rehne wala hun bhaarat ki baat sunaata one of many wonderful tunes that is in the heart of every Indian. They motivate us to do something for India and to give a salute to those who worked for Indian freedom. We have a remarkable journey of 60 years till date and we are now growing faster and from the list of under-developed countries, we are moving to the list of World's most powerful nations. According to a study performed by CNN, In next 30 years India will be 3rd biggest economy of the world.

But there are various Issues need to be raised for the development...
  • Nearly 30% of populations doesn't know How to read or write.
  • Health services are not that good...various diseases are disastrous in India, nearly 400000 people dies every year due to tuberculosis
  • The policies created by government is not implemented as they must be, they can't reach at the grass root level where it is required substantially.
  • Nearly 30 crores people can't even get food for two times.
We must be careful towards such issues which are obstructing India's journey to peak.
Due to lack of time I am not able to raise all the issues and I wish from you that you will definitely think on it.

August 13, 2007

Logged in to technorati

Technorati Profile

Hmm...according to technorati - a blog tracker has tracked nearly 94 million blogs on the Internet.
It was just started in 1997 and this year we all are celebrating 10 years blogging.
From Bollywood to Company's CEO everyone is taking interest in it and sharing there thoughts and information.

August 12, 2007

Trip to Omkareshwar

Nothingness is Shiva

There are 12 shivalings setup by Shankaracharya around 800-900 AD, This shivalings are made up by the natural process. One of them is at Omkareshwar which is in Nimaad Region of Madhya Pradesh, most famous among Shiva bhakts & Bheels ( the local regional community).
Here is the Slide show of my Journey.

August 09, 2007

In resonance with one's heart & mind

This figure shows triangular theory of love.

Psychology of Love :

Resonating frequencies between two souls are like common things when someone loves or cares for the other soul. It always makes some connection logically with the minds and intuit us most of the times. Feeling such experiences proves that it happens more often when you havn't met with that soul since long time. It increases our potential to think in that direction and consequently make us feel about this metaphysical activity that happens between the minds. And this is not day dreaming, it circumstancly happens as I stated above.

Both soul thinks alike and signals are transferred through eyes or might be through unknown medium ( only used to transfer signals and thoughts between two souls) which is yet to be discovered. Mind got distracted in this activity and feels like a monkey lost in the jungle and finding out his family and friends. Your beats frequency increases apparantly and blood pressure suddenly crosses 160 pt mark ( be careful, it might sweep out the mercury).

Souls can understand the silence and this silent language can define any word which are need to be taught. The enigmatic feeling, mystic voices bombarding my head ... some neo tantric voices which always made me joyous, chords of music, I feel everything new and Innocent. It gives as power to sustain and always motivate to continue the spirit with the same potential and sometimes even more....

can you hear my mystical voice?

June 29, 2007

Greatest Day : 29th June 2007

the MSday experienced on 28th was greatest one, because i was feeling honoured when i was their for interview...working with great mind of my college their is really Inspiring and once-upon a time event which might not come in life again.

but finally out as i was the weakest link there. Huh!!

Now Relaxed!

June 15, 2007

Why I blog

TOI gives a good plateform to publish your blogs or comments directly to print media...
a nice interface for bloggers ... visit

June 06, 2007

High Performance, Delivered.

Today is the wonderful day in my life. On 5th June 2007, I got selected in Accenture. #1 IT service provider of the world. Feeling great, that can't be expressed in words.

I am feeling like a geese flying in the sky with the team(all accenturites selected).
more than 50 got selected from my college and now we are looking to rock Accenture.

Its all about the particular day which make this possible. The process was very exaustive, started from Written test, then followed by Group Discussion, Technical Interview, HR Interview. But Accenture guys are really Cool, they don't make us feel that this process is so long. It was real fun there in all of the interviews. Thanks to every well wisher who makes this possible.

We know what it takes to be a Tiger.

May 04, 2007

new changed skin


Today, i changed my blog layout after a very long time...
so what's new-
  • Removed unrelevant Ad units
  • Removed unwanted bulky javascripts
  • No Archieve, 999 post at a time
  • Removed Spy tracker, that track you when you visit my blog

So Now I am faster, easier than previous one.

February 16, 2007

Enjoying Flickr more with FireFlix

Today, I found a new plugin for my most favorite browser Firefox 2.0. This plugin is named as fireflix used to manage your flickr acct via cool and easy side-bar from your firefox Interface.
You can nearly manage all the features that are available on flick web.

visit my flick acct here anjul.sahu & if you like to add me as a contact then you are always welcome.

On the eve of Maha Shiv Ratri, i updated my flickr album, do check it out.

" Everything is evolved from nothingness and is again going towards nothingness, this nothingness is Shiva "
I am searching for GOD. GOD stands for GeneratorOrganizerDestroyer as told by my friend Manish. thanks manish for this!

stay tuned...

January 04, 2007

Aayaam 2007 SGSITS Indore

AAYAAM 07 - I am proud to say that My college is organizing Annual Techfest & Cultural Night under the name aayaam07 including lots of stuff, right from Vellum (A National Level Paper Presentation Competition) to ACIES07, The Central India's Biggest Quiz (Get Geared Up, Grease your Mind and trickle your Mettle). More >>

Get Involved in to this exhilarating national level event.