December 05, 2006

Multiple Instances of gtalk

gtalk trick 1.0
Do you want that your multiple gmail id's can login from a single machine simultaneously, then just follow this steps to get the multiple instances of gtalk.
1) create a shortcut of gtalk.exe on desktop.
2) right click the shortcut link, and goto properties.
3) In target text_box type "c:/program files/google/google talk.exe" /nomutex
4) click ok and refresh the desktop.

Now you can create multiple instances of gtalk and access your all gmail accounts simultaneously
.Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from many, it's research

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  1. भई वाह!!

    ये तो है बड़ी अच्छी ट्रिक यार..!!
    बनायेंगे अकाउंट चार चार ...!!
    खोलेंगे गूगल टाक बार बार..!!
    यही तो है इस पोस्ट का सार..!!

    है ना!!?!!



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