December 21, 2006


Emotions- It is a feeling of a human which is not so easy to define. But philosophically it means ENERGY IN MOTION. Everybody have this characteristics, some of us having in high and we called such persons Emotional / Sentimental while some persons do not show this emotions...
But what makes this feeling come up in us.... I suppose it is the environment around us which develop certain circumstances to make us feel. Energy inside us need to be evacuated anyhow otherwise it will create problems for future in shape of cardiac-arrest, mental tensions etc. Their can be several ways of draining the energy...
  • When you feel that you are overflowing , then you must cry to make energy out in form of tears.
  • or, you can punch on the punching bag until your energy is wasted in form of sweat.
  • or, you can give some one lots of "gaali's" and also you can crush your own tooth.
  • or, ______________________________/*fill this space as comment :) */
So I believe never store energy inside the body, it must be drained as they are in motion or E-MOTION. Always try to think out-of-the-box to take better decisions in case of emotional dilemmas.
Thus it makes possible to drain out my negative energy in form of tears...and I feel that my life time is certainly increased....

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