November 20, 2006

Ubuntu - The Human being Linux

Ubuntu, do you ever heard of this linux distribution, its and open-source software and its tag line is linux for human beings . ubuntu is an afrikan word which means humanities for others or i am what i am because of who we all are, and they are really following its meaning, Canonical Inc, is a sponsor of ubuntu project and empowering the ubuntu society and they also ship freely throughout the world ( :o at no cost ).
ubuntu is the most populor and powerful linux distribution both for noviee and high-end users. It has three variants available namely Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Ubuntu. The main difference between them is the packages. Kubuntu has a KDE desktop while ubuntu is the core system in all. While at another end, their is full support for class room projects and lab environment by edubuntu, an educational ubuntu which is basically includes all packages related to lab work and education creeps. It needs atleast 2.1 GB of harddisk space and a minimum of 256 MB of RAM.
Ubuntu & Kubuntu comes under a free license(GNU) and the CD is designed as a live cd, so one can experience it before actual installation on disk. and If you are interested in this, then you can download *.iso images of disk (bootable) from or otherwise they also send cds at your doorstep for $0.0 (thats free- this is the best part of it) actually sponsored by canonical inc. as i told you previously. so this the link you mainly need... and register their, a 2 min process and then place order for any distro you want. It generally shipped within 4-5 weeks but greatly rely on the geographical location. You can specify you architecture while placing order.... for eg 64-bit edition, PC ed or Mac kinda of system... This also provide 3 years online -technical support 24X7.
This is very nice opportunity and one must collect all the three distribution. If you are getting any problem, then please feel free to contact me through my e-email [ ].


November 14, 2006

b'day published

Birthdays of IT batch 2008, SGSITS Indore published in sorted order... now never remember your friend's b'day, its easy. Just click and say "happy birthday to you..."

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