October 17, 2006

Ambiguous Mind

It is the only place where i can share my ambiguous situation of my mind...It's very hard for me to understand about my feeling...is it really correct or just a zephyr of something that should be hidden from everyone.
Actually I can't expose my thinking in front of real world, but this trauma will be explosive and i am waiting for it...This lava will be serious for me and it is a question of my soul to my soul itself. I feel it to be very complex and stony situation for me, hardest solution by the easiest heart....
Difficulties are there but the problem can't be expose, that's  another problem for me...

my problem has only two solutions, acceptance and negligence? But both the solutions are revolutionary on me. This will be going to effect my entire life. Quest Quest are rowing around my mind....
time is there; but not that much
everything is there; but can't use it
scenario is easy or difficult, my frequency is not matching!!

something is wrong!

Anjul Sahu
Information Tech. UnderGraduate


  1. oh boy...
    the only thing wrong with you is that you feel that something is wrong...if not so,then the Neo from matrix has materialized in you..lol! [hmm!! bad bad joke]
    neways you are getting better at your writing skills...
    njoy and keep blogging

  2. I wasnt aware u r in such a trouble.
    Well, after analysing ur blog, I reached to a conclusion that this is somethin personal which u dont wanna share and boy, u r too obvious.I know What it is?

    The only solution is u can remove the ambiguity by making it certain but there is an element of risk and if u express urself, it is quite possible that u might get hurt and the next coming months can be very tumultous.

    I suggest u to test the water and express urself. Uncertainty will lead u to nowhere. Ultimately, u r goin to identify urself.

  3. Tuff times never lasts tuff people do,always rememeber these lines.I beilieve that you will make a right choice


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