August 11, 2006

Interconnection between minds

i was missing someone through out the day, I was feeling abased and then suddenly my phone ranged up...huh...on that moment i discovered a voice for which I am waiting, here was my friend.
Don't misunderstand my philosophy, because it is unique in itself.
Now I am feeling better, thanks to the interconnections between the minds, which is implemented by god ("u know the god better than god" - any classmate of mine will understand it :)). I was thinking for someone and he got the message and replied, this is looking for my next research area.
how such things happens and what is the mechanism behind this phenomenon, I am eagerly waiting to find the facts behind this. Can anybody help me to find out more about this phenomenon. Sometimes feelings are so sincere that the someone got affected indirectly. And this is so strong in my case, whenever i think for someone the person for whom i am thinking of also alarmed for that and the things goes in my way. Thanks to my fortune!!!

Now I am waiting for such same event to happen once again, so that my Scientology's mind can have better content for studying the interesting phenomenon of interconnections...

note: 'someone' is a non-specific person so don't think rubbish as usually u think of. Just understand the fact and share your precious comments...

- Anjul's Research


  1. This thing is out of my understanding

  2. This thing is out of my understanding

  3. I can really uderstand this phenomenon.yes,their are interconnection between the mind.It is power of our mind u must start recognizing it.Our mind is a wonderful mechanism for instance if u are in some problem and thinking deeply over it before going to bed u must picturise that problem into ur mind and surely it will give u the answer.It happens in my case.As far as ur blog is concern I have experienced this from a very early age and this is not suprising for me.This is related to intution .when we think so deeply abt some thing the magic starts.I want to give u an example of debrogile in his formula i think h=mc/p or whatever he got noble prize but not for htis easy calculation but by replacing c by v that's velocity of ligtht by velocity of any other,at that time how he got this idea .It's very simple he was only thinking abt his formula day in and day out.Therefore he has given anger ,jealousy ,haterd in doing his job.he has become sacred.So,the nature itself has given him the power the of changing his formula.I hve many such examples.I hope u got my point I can quote something else also but first i need ur feedback on this.

  4. thanks parag for such a great comment

  5. hey thanks for getting my meaning.I will try to expand MESSAGE.

  6. hey thanks for getting my meaning.I will try to expand MESSAGE.

  7. hey thanks for getting my meaning.I will try to expand MESSAGE.

  8. many times this happen that whenevr we r thinking of someone very deeply from our heart,teh person calls me or we any how get in contact.first i dont belive in this philosphy,but after happening this thing many times i belive in this magic..but i dont the mechanism behind this.

  9. अंजुल जी,
    दो व्यक्तियों के बीच में इस तरह के किसी "अपरोक्ष संवाद" के बारे में तो मैं कुछ कह नही सकता, क्योंकि मैंने खुद कभी ऐसा महसूस नहीं किया (कम से कम याद तो नहीं है).

    हाँ एक बार इससे कुछ मिलता जुलता ( जरूर महसूस किया था, तब मुझे लगने लगा था कि हो ना हो - मन/अवचेतन मन में कुछ "शक्ति" जैसा जरुर है जो किसी हद तक कुछ घटनायें नियंत्रित करती है.

    एक व्यक्तिगत सवाल: क्या आप इंदौर के श्री सुनील साहू जी से किसी तरह संबंधित हैं क्या?

  10. My explaination is like this..
    you or thiknin of your friend,who is let us say a vey nicefriends.

    being a nice friend it may be possble hat he /she is thinkin of you at the same time so decides to give you a call.
    Thats it,its sheer coincidence.

  11. First of all, I am very sorry for late reply.

    @Vijay ji:
    Hmmm...I also feel it as a hidden power. And, I don't know Mr. Sunil.

    Ok your approach is 100% rationale but I generally change my perspective to see more. It is like learning to be intuitive.

  12. I got d point actually because it has happened with me more dan once.
    I think there is a String attached to our mind which radiates its inner desires to others(In terms of Anjul's language "message passing with hidden variable for a specific address")but its only a lucky time when the desired one catches our vibrations.
    When the match occurs the acknowledgment received gives us relief of mind and soul.
    Its true!!!


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