August 11, 2006

Interconnection between minds

i was missing someone through out the day, I was feeling abased and then suddenly my phone ranged up...huh...on that moment i discovered a voice for which I am waiting, here was my friend.
Don't misunderstand my philosophy, because it is unique in itself.
Now I am feeling better, thanks to the interconnections between the minds, which is implemented by god ("u know the god better than god" - any classmate of mine will understand it :)). I was thinking for someone and he got the message and replied, this is looking for my next research area.
how such things happens and what is the mechanism behind this phenomenon, I am eagerly waiting to find the facts behind this. Can anybody help me to find out more about this phenomenon. Sometimes feelings are so sincere that the someone got affected indirectly. And this is so strong in my case, whenever i think for someone the person for whom i am thinking of also alarmed for that and the things goes in my way. Thanks to my fortune!!!

Now I am waiting for such same event to happen once again, so that my Scientology's mind can have better content for studying the interesting phenomenon of interconnections...

note: 'someone' is a non-specific person so don't think rubbish as usually u think of. Just understand the fact and share your precious comments...

- Anjul's Research

yeh parag ka magic hai

yeh parag ka magic hai

Africa photos

Africa photos

I think this guy has taken sensible photos... check it out!!

Dukh Anmol hota hai

Dukh Anmol Hote Hain
Qudrat Ki Wadeeat Hain
Kabhi Kuch Dey Ke Jate Hain
Kabhi sab Chheen Lete Hain
Kabhi Bechain Karte Hain
Kabhi Jeena Sikhate Hain
Kabhi Bannte Hain Jab Aansoo
Umar Bhar Lahoo Rulate Hain
Kabhi Lub Ki Hansi Ban Kar
Nayi Duniya Sajaate Hain
Kabhi Meethi Kasak Ban Kar
Anjaani Khalish Ban kar
Makeen-E-Dil Yeh Bante Hain
Kisi Soorat Nahin Mit'tey
Jo In Se Door Bhaago Toh
Kaheen Jaane Nahin Dete
Na Zinda Rehne Dete Hain
Na Yeh Aazaad Karte Hain
Nahin Jiski Dawa Koi
Yeh Aisa Dard Hote Hain
Magar Yeh Bhi Ik Haqeeqat Hai
Har Ik Ko To Nahin Milte
Bare Nayaab Hote Hain
Dukh Anmol Hote Hain!!


(I do not sing a song,
Faces have been unmasked,
Scars are deep,
With the breaking up of mystery today,
I am afraid of even the truth,
I do not sing a song,
Evil eye has fallen,
the town of glass lay broken,
Amongst the fair of our own,
I do not find my beloved,
The stabbed knife in the back looks like a moon,
the inauspicious planet of rahu has crossed its limits,
In the moments of salvation,
I find myself shackled,
I do not sing a song)

- compiled and reproduced (original in hindi by Atal bihari vajpayee )

August 07, 2006

Omkara - A Slap on society

OMKARA !! name sounds asvery rythmic ethical film, but can't believe the vulgarity in the film. If you are going to plan for this movie, what i suggest : never watch this film with family or with girls...


Since it's artography, filmography is at best but lack in maintaing discipline in front of audience...
It shows basically what happen in "Bahubali's region" i.e. east Uttar pradesh and west Bihar. The Strength of bahubali's on politics and how the politics act like a puppet in real paradigm.
But Omkara also lack to maintain the consistency and after interval it diverse from the main theme to personal act...
The film is so hot to handle that i questioned myself, how censor board passed it for common audience...even though only one song of the film is impressable...

I hope, you are not planning to watch this film with family members...

I like this song...

with best regards,
Anjul , waiting for ur kind comments...