July 10, 2006

Firefox Tweak 1.0

The best browser available on internet might be Mozilla firefox in terms of open-sourceness and modularity and stability. You can also speed up your firefox by editing the configuration file, which does not implies to the vulneberities.
This tweak works to reduce the memory requirement of firefox. I tested some times and functions well, without compromising more nothing. Before making, it verifies how much of memory the FF is consuming at this moment, pra later being able to make the comparison. It is the following one:

1) in the bar of addresses it types about:config

2) inside of the list, click with the right button of mouse, selects New Option (or New, as the version) and - Boolean

3) in the picture that appear type config.trim_on_minimize and later click OK

4) now it selects True and OK

5) it closes and it opens the FF It sees, then, the consumption of memory of the FF.

It sees, then, the consumption of memory of the FF. For me, it gave to a difference notable, and the navigation was better!

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