June 18, 2006

Virus Attack !! or Window Corrupted !!

Today, when i opened my window xp i found that it is telling an error : Windows can't be load because HAL.DLL is either missing or corrupt (HAL.dll is present in your /system32/HAL.dll). Actually without HAL.DLL, Windows can not start. HAL is a system file known as Hardware Abstration Layer and it is used to communicate with all the connected hardware components of the system.
- This Symptom is shown by WindowXP when
  • either your system is infected my malicious code or virus.
  • or otherwise hal.dll is actually corropt or has been deleted.


  1. goto the booting disk of window xp and try to repair it with the wizard.
  2. goto the folder of bootable disk(let us assume it is f:)

in command prompt type the following

> cd I386

> expand hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hal.dll

and restart the pc.

Now you have solve the problem and u can start windows properly.

My suggestion: after restart, use chkdsk on all the drives.

finally i able to re-get my xp without any data loss.

reference : microsoft online help.

thanks to online help of microsoft. it saves my precious OS from getting OFF.


Anjul Sahu

dept of information technology

SGSITS, Indore

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